Enterprise Nation launches Brexit Advice Service for UK small businesses


A comprehensive new Brexit Advice Service aimed at helping the UK‘s small firms plan for Brexit has been launched today/September 26.


Enterprise Nation, which represents the views of thousands of small and micro businesses as well as self-employed individuals, has launched this service to deliver free Brexit impact assessments and advice to help even the smallest British companies identify the key challenges they may face and get ready for potential regulatory and financial change. 

The new service will also bring in the expertise of leading communications firm O2 Business and other organisations including the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the Institute of Export, currency hedge expert OFX and international distribution firm UPS.


The news comes after Enterprise Nation’s warning last month that the British government was in danger of lagging behind other nations in offering support to its grass roots firms as the UK exits the EU.


Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation said: “As we inch ever closer to a no deal Brexit, it feels like time is rapidly running out for small firms to work out how leaving the EU might affect their business, any actions they need to be ready to take and costs they may have to bear as a consequence.


“While larger firms have already spent millions on preparation, smaller companies just haven’t had the time or resources.

“Our Brexit Advice Service will go a long way to help them be prepared for all eventualities, the fact that we don’t know the political detail can no longer be used as an excuse for not helping firms prepare.  We need to roll up our sleeves and get on with it.” 

Other nations including Ireland and Wales have had an advisory service for smaller firms for many months, Scotland has just introduced one. 

The service will be available via this link from Wednesday September 26 http://www.brexitadviceservice.com