To celebrate the newest iteration of the family favourite board game, the MONOPOLY: Cheaters Edition, Hasbro is set to uncover the current state of the nation’s cheating habits with the launch of the first MONOPOLY Confessions of a Cheater Cab. Part of a four-day London tour from 25 – 28th September, the taxi will travel around London, to find the nation’s biggest Monopoly cheaters.

The MONOPOLY Cheaters Cab will visit trademark locations on the MONOPOLY board including fan favourite spots like Leicester Square, The Strand and Bond Street. Fans will be asked to keep an eye out for the MR MONOPOLY character travelling through London as he invites patrons to make their confessions and reveal what they have got away with, inside the Cheaters Cab. Fans can also follow the London tour by using #ConfessionOfACheater

“After discovering that nearly half of people cheat while playing the MONOPOLY game, we were thrilled to create a game that offered our fans the chance to test exactly what they can get away with. says Craig Wilkins, Senior Marketing Director, Hasbro UK & Ireland. “The Confessions of a Cheater Cab provides a fun opportunity for people to confess how they “bend the rules” during a Monopoly game, whether that is “borrowing” money from the bank, skipping spaces or avoiding paying rent.”