Essentials To Cater For Your Construction Workers


When it comes to providing the essentials to cater to your construction workers, it’s great to do more than meet the legal health and welfare requirements. Construction site welfare is certainly something you can’t afford to get wrong not only from a legal standpoint, but also if you want to retain those working on your site.

Many construction sites choose to hire facilities, giving them the flexibility to adapt what they have on-site to the space or number of workers for each job, ensuring that they always have sufficient equipment in place. Choosing an experienced hire company such as SRP Hire Solutions that offer a comprehensive range of construction site hire facilities and equipment will ensure you keep your schedule on track.

The Benefits Of Well Cared For Workers

A well-cared-for workforce will be happier and better equipped to do their job safely. Providing somewhere for workers to store belongings, take a break, wash, get a warm drink, and heat food or retreat when the weather turns nasty is essential to care for your construction site workers and meet the minimum welfare requirements. As a construction site manager knowing what facilities are available to hire or buy is essential.

What Facilities Should My Site Have?

  • Toilets that are adequately lit and ventilated with a built-in or mains water supply are ideal. The use of chemical toilets should be avoided wherever possible.
  • Washing facilities with running water, soap and drying should be provided. Facilities should ideally be large enough to wash faces, hands and forearms. Hiring shower cabins is a great way for workers to freshen up in a private and spacious environment.
  • Secure locker or site office storage spaces for personal belongings and protective safety clothing needed on site should be available. Facilities should include provisions for drying wet clothing.
  • Heated Rest facilities and changing rooms it’s essential to provide shelter from wind and rain. Adequate seating, water heating and microwave or heated rings to warm up food. These areas must be separate from site equipment and material storage areas.

Toilet hire

No matter how big or small your construction site space is, having adequate toilet facilities is essential. Its easy to lose working hours if there is always a constant queue for the loo and what happens if it fails for any reason? You could end up having to close while you wait for new facilities to arrive, another reason to choose a company that can generally handle any short notice needs, as problems whilst uncommon, are never convenient when they do! Hiring the facilities you need is a great way to ensure that you can access the number and style of toilets that fully meet the site’s demands and the number of crew and contractors using them.

Welfare units

Welfare units are available in a range of sizes, both static and mobile, to meet the needs of different construction site sizes and access arrangements. Welfare units offer basic kitchen facilities and seating areas and can combine with toilets, making them helpful to small construction sites. It is possible to hire welfare units with office space, secure storage and drying space, or a combination of different facilities and configurations to meet your requirements. Choosing to work with a hire company that offers a range of facilities will ensure that you always have access to the most appropriate set-up for your site.

Who you choose to supply construction site facilities can undoubtedly make a difference to your sites smooth running. You want to know they will deliver and collect to fit your schedule. Sites subject to mains service interruptions or are remote may need to use generators and water bowsers to keep running. A hire company that offers these alongside facility servicing and emptying will give you peace of mind and one convenient contact, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

Whether you choose several welfare units or a combination unit that meets your site and workers needs will depend on the size of your site, the number of workers and the duration of the job. Hiring facilities, including backup facilities such as generators and water bowsers, is an excellent way to meet each site’s individual needs perfectly.