EXCLUSIVE: Amar Adatia on set of Dead Ringer film “I am humbled”


Celebrated actor and film producer Amar Adatia has began principle photography of his latest film Dead Ringer.

We visited the film set this afternoon, the ernegetic cast which included Ricky Rayment, Tom Zanetti, Luke White, Jordi Whitworth and Shide Boss were on hand to kickstart the production.

Director Richard Colton welcomed the progress the filming process is making telling us ‘It is an exciting time’ 

This afternoon, Amar speaking exclusively to us said “I am greatly humbled to have a great cast and crew around me as I make my next film”

He added “This is the beginning of a journey, it’s good to see the lads have been together for a couple of days but they have a great chemistry and they are getting on like a house on fire”

Dead Ringer will be released next year!