EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Harold talks Dead Ringer film, acting industry and future plans


Actress Danielle Harold had a chat with us and opened up about her upcoming role in feature film Dead Ringer whilst sharing her thoughts on the industry!

Q. How’s 2018 going so far for you?

DH: 2018 is going really well dead ringer is Premiering this month on September 17th and I’ve done a few other films coming out this year.

Q. How do you feel the acting industry has evolved over the years?

DH: The film industries has changed a lot over the years especially women in film there seems to be a lot more roles for female led leads in films this year

Q. You had a role in Dead Ringer – tell us more?

DH: I play Mel Jamie’s girlfriend in Dead ringer I really enjoyed playing her it was brilliant to get into an action role and the producers were great to work with.

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

DH: I start filming next month for a film called Innocent Candy I’m really looking forward to as I’m playing a totally different character