EXCLUSIVE: DJ & Dead Ringer actor Chelsea Singh tells all in candid interview


DJ, actor and businessman Chelsea Singh sat down with us to discuss how 2018 is going and to discuss his acting role in Dead Ringer film.

Q. Chelsea, how is 2018 going for you?

CS: 2018 started off really busy for me and it looks like it’s going to continue that way till the end of the year and beyond. I’m busier now than I’ve ever been. I feel blessed.

Q. How do you juggle being a businessman, DJing and now acting?

CS: Juggling between business djing and now acting isn’t easy. Time management now really comes into play. There is a lot of travelling abroad especially with the Djaying.

For example in this month of August I’m playing in Tenerife, UK, Greece , and Monaco! So having a PA really helps. Lol ?

Q. Tell us more about your role in Dead Ringer and how did that make you feel?

CS: My role in the film Dead Ringer sees me playing Lou a Drug Dealer, the role made me feel like the deal was really happening as that part was filmed in a disused warehouse so felt real with all the cast and actors in place.

Q. Have you got any more acting roles lined up?

CS: Yes there is another film I filmed last year called Little Bastards with me Dave Courtney and Paddy Docherty and Manny Hayre due for release soon and another film a Carlton Leach film which we are due to start filming with me and Daniella Westbrook soon.

Q. What advise can you give to people at the beginning of their careers?

CS: My advice to people starting their career is simple! Have an end goal in sight never give up all can be achieved if you work hard enough. I’m living proof of that!

Q. What else have you been up to?

Well I’ve been very lucky to be Djaying on the Legendary Radio Centerforce FM 88.3

Tune in guys to listen to other legends that play there as well! It’s all about house music!