Mynewsdesk acquires Mention to create a global leader in real-time web and social listening


Mynewsdesk, the leading provider of a SaaS all-in-one digital PR platform in the Nordics, today announced that it has acquired Mention, a real-time web and social monitoring tool with expertise in AI and data-driven analytics.

This acquisition marks yet another step in Mynewsdesk’s extensive expansion plans with the goal of creating a new global category leader within real-time web and social listening for SMEs.

Mattias Malmström, CEO at Mynewsdesk, said: “This acquisition creates a new global category leader providing best-in-class software for PR, marketing and communications for SMEs. Mention is at the forefront when it comes to monitoring, AI and data-driven analytics with a first-class product and technology team.”

With over 3 billion people communicating across digital and social channels globally – and by using AI and data-driven analytics based on the digital and social media landscape – Mention has focused on serving SMEs in need of monitoring. Since it was founded in 2012, the company has expanded rapidly and averages over 10,000 new users each month.

Matthieu will take on a new role within the combined company as Chief Operating Officer, spearheading integration, innovation and growth.

The recent UK study, Humans still needed by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, examines the role new tech and specifically AI plays within the communications industry. It shows that 12 percent of a communications professional’s total skills can be complemented by AI today, a figure that is predicted to increase to 38 percent within the next five years. The same study also showcases Mention as one of the prominent companies using AI within monitoring and social listening, further highlighting the strength it brings to Mynewsdesk’s monitoring offering.

The owner of Mynewsdesk, the Norwegian business media group NHST, view the acquisition as an important part of Mynewsdesk’s expansion plans.