EXCLUSIVE: Rising star rapper Charlie Reefa tells all in candid chat


Charlie Reefa is a name that’s about to take the UK music scene by storm, Hailing from London the rapper has already established himself as one to watch. We had a chat with Charlie to find out more about what’s going on his career and his future plans.

Q. You have quite a unique name, how was the rap name Charlie Reefa born?

CR: To be honest with you it was my friends idea. I preferred to have a name than a gimmick or a nickname, but at the same time not my government name. Charlie is my first name and the Reefa just stemmed from my way of life I suppose.

Q.How would you describe your style of music?

CR: I would say there are a lot of different styles in my sound, but I would say grime is a main element.

Q. Artist’s wise, who inspired you to get into music?

CR: I have been inspired by lots of different Artists. I’m inspired by different genres also. But to name a few I would say wretch 32, Kano and Eminem.

Q. What can we expect from you this year?

CR: You can expect a lot! My next song I have is with the genius Sevaqk! I’m excited for that one! And I also have more music and an EP coming out in November!

You can keep in touch with Charlie via social media as below:

Instagram – www.instagram.com/charliereefa

Twitter – www.twitter.com/charliereefa