F2 reveal why Argentina produces the best footballers


Just in time for the World Cup, Episode One of F2 Finding Football is now live, where football skill pioneers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch (The F2) travel to Argentina to explore the secrets of the beautiful game.

Released today exclusively on The F2’s YouTube channel, the premiere episode shows The F2 teaming up with world-famous hip-hop superstar, A$AP Ferg, to create the world’s first-ever tango, trap and tekkers mash-up.

To kick off the show, The F2 learn how the deceptive style of footwork made famous by Diego Maradona, known as ‘gambeta’, is a big part of Argentina’s national sport. The style of football involves ultra-close control of the ball, crossed with frequent feints and direct dribbling techniques seen today by Lionel Messi.

To close the episode, the boys move from playing pato, to dancing tango, as they collaborate with American hip-hop superstar, A$AP Ferg, to choreograph a music video that blends tango rhythm, trap music and football ‘tekkers’ to wow the locals.

‘F2 Finding Football’ celebrates the beautiful game across the globe

From kicking a ball through narrow alleyways of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas to eating shrimp alive in Thailand, F2 Finding Football, produced by Whistle Sports,  is a fusion of culture, music, community and sport.

Wingrove and Lynch (The F2) say:“It’s been an unbelievable experience creating this series.Whether it be a loyal football fan or someone who’s never seen a pitch, this show will give an unforgettable glimpse into how our beloved game is played around the world, just as many of these incredible countries are about to play on football’s biggest stage.”

J. LaLonde, vice president of content, head of studio for Whistle Sports says: “To create a series with YouTube Premium featuring such talented individuals like The F2 is a true dream. As Whistle Sports continues to grow and increases its push into longer-form, premium content, it’s exciting to introduce this series that embodies the values of our younger audience: positivity, creativity, humor and skill.”

Luke Hyams, Head of YouTube Originals in EMEA says: “At YouTube, we continue to support incredible European creators and the stories they want to share with the whole world. ‘F2 Finding Football’ is a show that will captivate global audiences as it explores the many ways people are inspired by the beautiful game in some of the most football-obsessed countries in the world. The series also gives The F2 the opportunity to show off their incredible skills (or tekkers) as never before in some incredible locations around the world alongside some very special guest stars!”

The first episode, premiering today, will be free for the public to stream as well as the second episode which will air soon after. The remaining episodes will be available by purchasing YouTube Premium, which will be available in the UK early this summer.