Fairtrade pop-up supermarket opens at The Sook Space, Shoreditch


The Sook Space, 32 Shoreditch High launches ‘The Endangered Aisle’, a pop-up experience open to the public from 28th February to 2nd March that will shine a light on the supermarket staples most at risk of becoming endangered from the climate crisis, including coffee, bananas and chocolate.

The store will reimagine what a supermarket could look like in the future, underpinned by new research commissioned by Fairtrade, highlighting certain risks that could affect the availability of everyday items. Guests will travel forward in time to the year 2050, where there will be spare shelves and an eery feeling to portray what the future may hold, unless we act now. QR codes will be dotted around the store so visitors can read up on how choosing Fairtrade today helps protect the future of food and support farmers in adapting to climate change and implementing sustainable practices.

Visitors will complete their journey in the solution area of the aisle, where they can witness the breadth of Fairtrade’s product range first hand and understand how one simple switch to choosing Fairtrade can make a big difference. The store will also have an interactive session where visitors can make a pledge to Fairtrade to try to make a small switch and support the farmers who grow the nation’s most loved products.

John Hoyle, found of Sook, comments: “We’re delighted to welcome this fascinating event to Sook Shoreditch. This immersive experience is a real eye opener to what future supermarkets may look like, and we wish Fairtrade every success”.

More information will be shared on The Endangered Aisle, keep an eye out for updates across Fairtrade’s social channels and its website from 28th February.

A limited number of Fairtrade produce will be given away each day at the ‘Endangered Aisle’.

Fairtrade launches its Endangered Aisle to encourage people to switch today to support the workers overseas who grow our key produce, to ensure they have fairer pay and can tackle the climate crisis. Making the small switch to Fairtrade supports producers in protecting the future of some of our favourite food and the planet.

All surplus food from Endangered Aisle will be donated to Fairtrade’s charity partner The Felix Project.