LABOUR will support Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal and act in the national interest


LABOUR will support Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal and act in the national interest, the party’s Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary said today.

Peter Kyle told GB News: “We will be providing the votes because we want this deal to move forward. There is a lot in here which does heal a lot of the damage from the previous deal. This framework does take us forward so the Labour Party will act in the national interest and support this. Hopefully then we can move to the really important bit which is to get devolution in Northern Ireland up and running. That is a crucial next step.”

On his confidence that power sharing can now be delivered in Northern Ireland, Mr Kyle continued: “I’m always hopeful. And Northern Ireland needs hope.The political landscape is complicated . I don’t think the DUP is playing politics. They have concerns and they need the time and space to understand the details.

Speaking during an interview on GB News Breakfast he added: “I am glad Rishi Sunak is there today, in Northern Ireland, to answer any questions people might have. Devolution needs to be up and running and it needs to be rewarded. In the last few days I’ve spoken to all parties in Northern Ireland, including Sinn Fein. They’ve been acting in a very dignified way. I sense that the parties will be supporting this deal. Rishi Sunak chose to talk and negotiate and hopefully we can now move forward. Now the rows have stopped, I hope we can work together to create a more United Kingdom. That’s one of the main reasons why Keir Starmer is setting out a ten year plan in this area.”