Famous people that were enjoying gambling


Gambling was for a long time considered to be a pastime and hobby reserved for royalty because only rich people had enough money to indulge themselves with it. The fact that millions of average folks can enjoy it today can be considered progress in our standard of living. Those privileged pioneers of gambling paved the way for all by showing us how it is done with style, so we enjoy emulating them today as we fantasize about making millions at a card table.

Queen Marie-Antoinette

This young lady loved wagering so much that her gambling exploits swallowed a great portion of France’s gross domestic product. She still remains one fashion icon but she will also be remembered as someone who enjoyed betting thousands of franks on a single roulette spin.

Giacomo Casanova

Many historians give Giacomo credit for inventing the lottery while he also boosted this fact in his autobiography. Whether it is true or not, he was certainly known for using his gambling skills for acquiring wealth, which he later used for facilitating his love exploits.

Frank Sinatra

Spending decades in Las Vegas and acquiring the status of a superstar certainly left some impact on Frank who didn’t remain immune to Vegas’s charm. He was known for enjoying his blackjack sessions that sometimes lasted several days in a raw. He was and remained an embodiment of class whether he was on that winning or a losing streak.

John Montagu

This man will remain forever credited with inventing a sandwich as a great snack during a card game session. His geniosity wasn’t suppressed until the emergence of Mcdonald’s in the twentieth century. His love toward gambling will always be an inspiration for all up-and-coming rounders everywhere.

50 Cent

Curtis Jackson admits that he is more into sports betting than shooting craps and that he prefers fast withdrawal casino rather than spending hours playing poker. Despite his claims, he has been recognized numerous times in casinos from East to West coast while hitting those blackjack tables with unhidden satisfaction.

Tobey Maguire

This action movie superstar is notorious for his love of poker. He was suspected many times along with some other Hollywood big shots for participating in illicit high-stake poker sessions. He is also said to be an inspiration for Mr. X in Molly’s Game biopic. Whether this is true or not, Tobey is a regular participant and an avid supporter of WSOP events.

Charlie Sheen

Mr. Warlock with some tiger blood is the perfect companion that you want to hang out with during a poker night. His wild days are allegedly behind him, but Charlie will always be a legend that enjoyed his gambling with the same passion that he invested in his partying endeavors.


Next time you start looking for a fast withdrawal online casino remember these ladies and gentlemen who paved the way toward gambling becoming socially acceptable pastime. Take some time for expressing your gratefulness for being able to enjoy your own game without being judged or feeling ostracised any more.