LONDONERS IN LOCKDOWN: 1 in 8 break rules for a leg-over


SINGLE Londoners are so desperate for love they are prepared to bust out of lockdown to meet a potential partner, a study shows.

Despite strict instructions to stay home in the battle against coronavirus, an astonishing one in eight – 15% – of lonely-hearts in London say they would break the ban if they had a chance of getting intimate with someone.

And more than two-thirds of people in the region who use dating apps are still looking for love, with almost half of them saying the pandemic had made them realise that finding love is more important than ever, according to a survey of 1000 dating app users commissioned by international dating app, happn.

Marine Ravinet, Head of Trends at happn, said: “We understand that people will undoubtedly want to be intimate once they’ve made an emotional connection through our app, however we urge people to listen to the government advice and stay home.

“This is a perfect time for a couple to get to know one another well online and build up the anticipation, so that any romance will be even sweeter when they can finally meet in person.”

Most daters are still abiding by the rules however, with over nine in 10 (92%) online daters in London being open to trying new ways of dating during the current isolation period. For 60% of single dating apps users, this means spending more time messaging than they usually would, and for two in five (46%), dating over facetime is the new ‘must-do’ while unable to meet up in bars or restaurants.

In fact, 72% of singletons feel as though the isolation period will help them to make a stronger connection online, than they may do after a first face-to-face date.

But it isn’t just the connections they could make driving Londoners to online conversations, with 42% saying they are more confident when messaging online. Two in five also they can be themselves more online.

Psychological and Relationship Expert, Emma Kenny, says: “The increase in people using dating apps during Covid-19 shows we remain committed as ever to finding that special someone. happn’s research shows that the search for love transcends any lock down and whilst you may not be able to date physically, you can still get creative whilst dating digitally, meaning that you can grow new connections and have something to look forward to once social distancing is lifted.

“A real positive about having to wait to meet in person is the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection during a challenging time. Getting to know one another’s likes and dislikes, whilst sharing a space and time that’s unlikely to be repeated means bonding in a unique way.”