Filipino Entrepreneur Turns Hobby into Business with Anton Ortigas Photography

Passionate photographer and entrepreneur, Anton Ortigas, continues to raise the bar in the world of photography


Anton Ortigas launched his company, Anton Ortigas Photography, after falling head over heels for the practice a couple of years ago. It has been two years of greatness as the creative photographer has continued to set the pace in the industry, thanks to his unique shots and the way he delivers his images. Anton’s love for photography, which has transformed into a way of expressing his creativity and into a business venture, can be largely attributed to his globetrotting adventures.

Photography has been in existence for centuries, with the art used as a medium for over 200 years. The industry has evolved through the years, from the days of the crude process of using chemicals to the much simpler means employed today. The industry is estimated to be worth billions both in the United Kingdom and the United States and is currently ranked among the most profitable industries in the world. Digital photography is a relatively new concept in the industry that has taken photography to a whole new level. According to a recent report, the global digital photography market generated over $79 billion in 2017, and the market is predicted to grow to more than $149 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 7.4%. One individual that has stunned the industry in a relatively short while is Antonio Ortigas Jr. of Anton Ortigas Photography.

As a professional photographer, it is quite amazing how Anton has been able to develop his skills in a couple of years, particularly as only a few photographers can boast of the shots he delivers.

My addiction to photography started two years ago. Having been able to travel around the world because of work exposed me to so many different cultures and people,” said Antonio Vicente Jr.

Considering how fast Anton has risen in the space of two years, one can only imagine the disruption the Manila-based entrepreneur will cause if he continues at this pace. In addition to being a talented photographer, Antonio Vicente Jr. has also demonstrated his prowess as an entrepreneur, which explains how he has been able to grow his photography brand. Antonio is also the owner of two Philippine Coffee Businesses – We the People Coffee and Tea, Inc. According to him, he founded the company following his love for coffee.