Film and TV actress Beatrice Curnew tells all in candid chat


Following an impressive history of success with guest roles in hit TV shows such as “Eastenders”, “Doctors”, “Dr Who” and “Patrick Melrose”, Beatrice Curnew will shortly join the cast of BBC’s BAFTA award-winning medical drama, Casualty, as guest lead on November 3rd 2018.

During her diverse career, Beatrice has taken to the stage at the National Theatre, the Old Vic and the Orange Tree; appeared in a George Michael music video and worked with Internationally-renowned film directors such as Oscar winners, Sam Mendes, on Skyfall and Paolo Sorrentino, on Youth.

Alongside TV and theatre productions, she has also had many interesting film roles, recently starring in the ‘short’, Civilised, which has been selected for an award at Leeds International Film Festival.  She is currently filming Baghdad Central for Channel Four and Euston Films in Morocco, but took some time-out to grant us an exclusive interview in which she talks openly about her motivations and upcoming projects.



Which TV and Film projects are you are proudest of to date?

I am in Youth directed by Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino: that was a treat! And last year I was in Dr Who, playing a baddy. It was a privilege to be part of such an amazing production. Earlier in the year, I was guest lead in BBC’s Doctors playing a stroke victim, which was both humbling for me,  portraying someone in that situation, but also a joy to be back on Doctors with my fourth appearance, because it is such a friendly and well-run ship! I was the Registrar in Eastenders between 2012 and 2016 and married Christian & Syed, Phil & Sharon, Stacy & Martin then Lee & Whitney. It was bizarre and fun to step into such pivotal moments in the storyline. But one of the things I am most proud of is the outrageous fact that I am in a George Michael music video, White Light – I can admit it was only a tiny part but I LOVE the fact I got the chance to be in one of his music videos!


How did acting affect your life?

Acting helps me make sense of life. Exploring people, characters, stories and situations is the most important thing to me. It helps us be the best we can be and helps us explore how we communicate and to me, communication is the key to almost everything. Acting enables me to constantly assess where I am in the world, in my head, in my culture and I believe true understanding can only lead to greater contentment.



You also worked alongside many film stars, can you describe your experience of this?

I am continually flawed by the dedication, hard work and humility of ‘stars’. On set 99% of celebrities are just grafting. From Harvey Keitel, Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Leslie Manville to the entire Eastenders cast, most stars are just like you and me, trying to tell the story and find the truth of the part. I must admit that working with Jane Fonda was almost too much for me though as she is such a legend!

What are your upcoming Film or TV projects?

I am playing guest lead in Casualty which airs on BBC One, Saturday 3rd November. I am currently filming Baghdad Central for channel Four and Euston Films in Morocco (which will come out late 2019) and I have just wrapped on The Rook which comes out next year.


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