Ben & Jerry’s are heading to London with a van full of free ice cream & hot chocolate!


Ben & Jerry’s and Refugee Action will be loading their ice cream van, warming up their scooping arms and getting their mega-cones (ahem, phones) ready to tour the UK this autumn, and in turn  whip up support for people seeking asylum.

The UK tour, which kicks off in Leeds on 29 October, is the latest awareness-raising tactic of the ‘Waiting Isn’t Working’ campaign, which sets out to help reinstate the right to work for people seeking asylum and, provide dignity and opportunity to people who are already marginalized.

A recent survey showed that over 94%* of those seeking asylum would like to work if given permission, yet under the current system this is as good as banned whilst they wait for a decision on their refugee status. With almost half (48%)** of people seeking asylum waiting over six months for a decision on their claim, many people find themselves waiting years in limbo, unable to provide for their families or become active members of their new communities.

A huge chunk of the UK is already in favour of giving people seeking asylum the right to work-  71 per cent of people[1]– and whilst touring some of the UK’s famous university towns, the ice cream activists and friends from local refugee welcome want to dig a little deeper into the issues over a scoop. Interested flavour fans will be encouraged to sign the campaign petition: .

The tour comes after Ben & Jerry’s released what appeared to be an advert for an ice cream taster, but which was revealed through the surprising list of requirements in the small print to in fact be highlighting the harsh reality of being a person seeking asylum in the UK, hoping to work.

While getting paid to taste ice cream might not be possible the tour will serve up free scoops of fan favourite Fairtrade flavours, as well as a heart-warming Hot Chocolate made with the ice cream duos Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

The Waiting isn’t Working tour will be heading to the following cities, exact locations will be announced on Ben & Jerry’s social media channels:

Monday 29th October, 11am – 4pm

  • Leeds

Tuesday 30th October, 11am – 4pm

  • Exeter

Thursday 1st November, 11am – 4pm

  • London

Wednesday 7th November, 11am – 4pm

  • Cardiff