Film producer Jonathan Sothcott cheers death knell for Big Brother, urges C5 to invest money in drama


Outspoken film producer Jonathan Sothcott took to twitter to applaud channel 5’s decision not to renew Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother. Quoting Dan Wooton’s post about the cancellation he tweeted simply “hoo-bloody-ray.”

On 30th July we reported the film producers’ “great news” reaction to rumours of CBB facing the axe, which drew a backlash from outraged reality fans.

Pressed for comment today, Sothcott told us “this Summer’s Big Brother farce with Roxanne Pallet shows that it was time to end the show for good. It could easily have ruined that lad’s career and damaged him for life and no entertainment is worth that. These shows have real consequences for the people in them and exist in a storm of negativity. I’m glad its over.”

Asked if he just hates reality TV he replied “No – I think reality TV with a skill element like Strictly is proper primetime entertainment. That and the Jungle are great shows and celebrate achievements. But people just sat in a house being manipulated and upset isn’t my idea of entertainment.”

He finished “Channel 5 clearly spent a lot on these shows – there was talk (which I never believed) of contestants being paid £750,000 for the last series of CBB which I assure you is more than any actors gets on a TV drama in this country and I’d love to see them investing this money into quality British drama. Channel 5 would be the perfect home for a new series of or like The Bill or The Professionals. Something gritty. Its always been the dark horse of British TV and there’s a chance for it to do something brilliant and innovative now.”

Jonathan’s new film The Krays – Dead Man Walking is out on DVD now