Film Producer Jonathan Sothcott welcomes cancellation of Celebrity Big Brother

  • Sothcott hopes it offers ‘new dawn’ of increased focus on drama

In a tweet the prolific London film boss Jonathan Sothcott said “great news Celebrity Big Brother has been cancelled – hopefully this ushers in a new era of a return to more drama, documentary and entertainment shows”.

Sothcott, whose new film The Krays Dead Man Walking is released in September and stars Rita Simons and Guy Henry, expanded his comments for us: “I hope what I call the ‘negative reality’ era may finally be drawing to a close. The reason shows like Love Island flourish is that they’re positive – they have a bit of glamour and fun. Strictly and I’m A Celebrity have people demonstrate real skills and endurance. But Big Brother, whether celebrity or normal, is just people sitting around a house being miserable. Enough is enough – that’s so 90s. I’d love to see Channel 5 putting that money into quality British dramas because let’s face it, that’s something there’ll never be enough of.”

Sothcott’s Hereford Films is not currently active in television but he told us he would like it to be – “I think if we were going to break into the TV arena it would need to be with a show like The Professionals or The Sweeney – a real kick-ass, populist tough cop show with actors who are really cool.”

He also revealed a TV ambition that is unlikely to materialise “I would really like The Bill back on TV, it was a real British TV drama staple and the gap it left in the schedule has, in my opinion, never been satisfactorily filled. I have approached ITV about a spin off film but there was no interest.”