Five Great Recruitment Events – End Of 2019


When you’re searching for a job, one of the best things you can do is get out from behind your computer screen and start connecting with people. Making connections in the real world can be difficult, but it could also be the route to your next job. The same goes for those working in recruitment. You might think you have the inside track, but when you work in the world of recruitment, finding a role for yourself can be tricky.

There is a far better way to connect with the people who might be in a position to offer you a role. By discovering the best recruitment events, you can be sure you’ll find all of the right people in one place. And they’re all ready to have a conversation. Read on to discover the best recruitment events that are left in 2019.

Jobs Fair

When: Various Dates

Where: Various Locations

Price: Free

The Jobs Fair is actually a series of events that takes place up and down the country. It’s free to attend, and you can expect to meet lots of local businesses looking to hire fresh new talent. You can expect to find employers such as Deloitte, Lloyds Pharmacy and HSBC. If you’re looking for your next job opportunity, head to their website to discover your nearest Jobs Fair event.

Recruitment Agency Expo

When: 2-3 October 2019

Where: Birmingham 

Price: Free

This one is more for recruitment professionals. But where there are recruitment professionals, there are opportunities. The Recruitment Agency Expo is a bi-annual event that brings together over 3,000 senior figures in recruitment. You’ll get a behind the scenes look of the state of the recruitment industry so you can learn how best to connect with those in the know.

London HR Summit

When: 25 September 2019

Where: London, UK

Price: Apply for prices

If you want to rub shoulders with the best of the best and get your name out there, the London HR Summit is one event you will not want to miss. This event brings together speakers and suppliers from across the recruitment industry for a day of non-stop networking. The keynote speaker this year is Lou Banks, Founder and Director of The Rising Vibe.

CIPD Annual Conference 

When: 6-7 November 

Where: Manchester, UK

Price: From £370

If you want to learn from the best and brightest in your field, the CIPD Annual Conference is the place to be. Speaker highlights for this year’s conference include Prof Mariana Mazzucato, Trevor Phillips OBE and Naga Munchetty. You can expect over 5000 attendees, 38 conference sessions and 8 session formats to choose from, so you can really make this event your own.

TalentCon 2019

When: 7 November 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €60

If you want to get out of the UK and enjoy a bit of travel, then why not head to Amsterdam for TalentCon 2019. This event brings together over 750 recruitment and HR professionals to explore new methods of talent acquisition. It covers everything from recruiting and onboarding to performance tracking and measurement. You’ll also find panels and seminars on issues like health and wellbeing in the workplace and change management. It certainly is an innovative event and one that you could easily combine with a weekend of sightseeing in this vibrant Dutch city. 

If you’re looking for more recruitment events or just want to keep your finger on the pulse, why not head to to discover the latest from the recruitment industry. Follow Live Recruitment on social media to keep up to date with the latest events across the recruitment industry.