Why Londoners are adding CBD oil to their coffees


Following our post street about the food venture that launches cannabis oil sauces. How about Coffee?

Move over pumpkin spice latte, there’s a new coffee in town. And this one comes with way more health benefits and way less sugar. If you’ve stepped foot in an artisan coffee shop recently, you may have seen the option to add CBD to your coffee.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what this is. It’s a fairly new trend in the health food circuit, similar to the spirulina and acai berry crazes of years gone by. Speak to any CBD fan and they will tell you that CBD has helped with everything from their anxiety and stress to pain and inflammation.

Londoner’s are now opting to add this unique plant extract to their morning coffee in the hope of feeling more alert but without the horrid jitters and its being shown in many coffee making courses around London.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to help relieve pain and manage illness, but it has fallen out of favour in the last hundred years or so. CBD is one of around 100 compounds extracted from cannabis plants. Another quite famous one is THC, which is the one responsible for the “high” feeling. CBD oil does not contain any THC, but it can help with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining everything from sleep to appetite. More info about CBD here.

Why add it to coffee?

A water-soluble form of CBD is added to coffee as an accessible way to try it for the first time. Many CBD users report feeling very calm after trying it, so by combining it with caffeine, you can enjoy a feeling of calm alertness. If coffee often makes you feel jittery and anxious, a shot of CBD could be just the thing you need.

Will it get me high?

Absolutely not! For CBD to be sold legally in the UK, it cannot contain any THC. The appeal of CBD is that it is non-psychoactive, so it won’t alter your mental state, give you the giggles, and send you in search of junk food. If you are curious about CBD oil and other CBD products, you can try it in a multitude of forms. However, make sure that you find a reputable CBD retailer such as https://cbd-one.co.uk/. They provide a certificate of analysis with their products so you know exactly what you are getting. 

Is this legal?

CBD is completely legal! Provided the CBD does not contain any THC then it is legal to buy and own. CBD products are available over the counter in many health food stores. As research continues, there may be a time in the future when higher concentrations of CBD or CBD combined with THC is available on prescription, but we are a long way from that as cannabis is still illegal in the UK.

How else can I take CBD oil?

If you want to branch out beyond CBD infused lattes, there are many different routes you can take. Some people like to take CBD in a capsule form, which is similar to taking a multivitamin every day. Others opt for CBD oil or paste. The paste is water-soluble, which means that more can be absorbed into the body and less is filtered out as waste by the liver. 

You can also purchase skin creams and balms infused with CBD. And finally, there are also novelty items such as CBD bath bombs of CBD infused pillowcases. While some of these products are simply capitalising on a trend, there are some which can offer real benefits to consumers. It is hoped that more research will be done into the positive impact of CBD so that consumers can make a more educated choice about its effectiveness.