Five Reasons Why Education Is The Key To Business Success


As George Washington Carver famously once stated “Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom.” And, in more recent times, this often equates to business success. But why is education so important for individuals and businesses? And how can you harness the power of education to create your own success in business… and in life?

Whether it’s developing crucial life skills, providing a competitive edge, being able to go up against the brightest international talent, or boosting your financial negotiating power, here are five reasons why education is the key to business success. 

Education Provides Crucial Life and Business Skills

Education might not be able to teach you everything you will ever need to know in life but… it’s an incredibly good place to start! 

Educational courses and qualifications are designed to give students the skills they need to survive and thrive in the world of jobs and business. And, no matter what field of study you are in, it’s likely you will learn crucial life skills including; time management, multi-tasking, critical thinking, analysis, research, teamwork, and many more.

For many people, education is also useful for helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses – for example, this could be organization, resourcefulness, or budgeting. When you discover your personal strengths, you can use these to narrow down the type of job, career, or business that you’re most well-suited to, which can help you to achieve business success in the future. 

Education Gives You A Competitive Edge

One of the easiest ways to understand the power that education holds is to put yourself in the position of a potential recruiter, employer, or business partner. When choosing a candidate for an available position, would you be more inclined to hire the under-qualified, non-educated job seeker or the well-educated and highly qualified applicant? 

While it might not always be as simple as the example above, there’s no doubt that education can give you a competitive edge over other candidates. The more qualified you are, the better your chance is at landing your dream job or impressing a potential investor for your business idea. 

Remember, education and qualifications don’t stop at school, college or degrees. There are endless options for updating your CV with highly-respected courses and skills that will help you stand out from the competition. 

Education Gives You The Opportunity To Perform On The World Stage

Do you dream about working for a global company? Or maybe starting your own international business? Perhaps it’s a top job in one of the world’s most exciting business hubs, like New York, London or Dubai? Education can give you the qualifications you need to go up against the best international talent and compete on the world stage. 

With a degree from a well-known university, qualifications from a globally recognized provider or skills acquired through an internationally-minded course, you’ll be placing yourself at the top of the pile for international roles. 

For those striving for individual business success, education can play a huge part in whether their company sinks or swims on a global scale. From understanding international markets to marketing, learning business English to handling multi-country accounts, as the owner of a global business, you’ll discover the skills and expertise that education provides are invaluable for your success. 

Education Gives You Financial Negotiating Power

While the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey prove that you don’t always need qualifications to become a millionaire, studies show that higher education graduates generally make more than their non-qualified peers. 

The UK’s Department of Education’s 2018 research into working-age salaries revealed that not only did graduates earn around £10,000 more than non-graduates, but they also had higher employment rates. Meanwhile, a study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) showed that, throughout their working lives, women’s earnings increase by £100k on average with a degree and men’s by £130k. 

If the education section of your CV is filled with impressive qualifications and skills, you’ll find yourself in a much better position to negotiate your future salary. Furthermore, showing an interest in continued learning – such as joining any courses or training your employer might offer – can give you a boost when it comes to arguing for a wage increase or looking for your next career move. 

Education Can Turn Your Dream Into A Reality 

Maybe you have an incredible business idea, an innovative design for a new product, or a dream job in a hard-to-break-in-to sector…but you have no idea how to take the dream and turn it into reality. The good news is, education can go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals. When you also love traveling you can also use education to earn money while traveling the world.

If you are thinking of entering a high-paying profession, such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer, education is an absolute necessity. But it’s also crucial for business success. Education can provide you with the skills and tools you will need to start a successful business, from impressing potential backers with your CV to knowing how to balance books, manage marketing and hire staff. 

However, education doesn’t always have to mean a degree. There are many different options for gaining professional qualifications. One good example is a TEFL course. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a teacher but don’t have a degree in education, you can qualify as an English teacher through a TEFL provider; definitely check it out at a TEFL company. These courses open up opportunities to teach English to children, adults, and business professionals in locations worldwide. 

Why Education Is The Key To Business Success

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. There’s nothing to say that someone without basic or higher education can’t succeed, and there are plenty of inspiring stories of those who have overcome all odds to create great business success. 

But, as we’ve seen in this article, if you have the chance to educate yourself; develop life skills, boost your ability to negotiate and go up against international talent, you’ll find yourself with an impressive competitive edge. And that could make all of the difference between business failure…or living a life of business success.