Founder of Tough Mudder to launch new immersive digital experience in London


Will Dean, founder of popular obstacle race Tough Mudder, has launched his new venture, Electronic Theatre, delivering immersive adventures in interactive digital rooms.

Electronic Theatre has developed ‘LightBox’ rooms, hosting up to six players at a time. The LightBoxes feature a range of technologies including projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to deliver a hyper-immersive experience with no need for headsets.

Electronic Theatre’s LightBoxes are set to become the platform for a completely new genre of group entertainment. Teams are put through a series of interactive games and challenges that can only be completed through collaborating with their team mates. The first site, located on London’s Southbank, is now open to public.

Electronic Theatre has received backing from a consortium of investors, led by Index Ventures. It has ambitious expansion plans, aiming to open 1,000 global locations in the next five years.

Where Tough Mudder brought people together through a shared challenge; Electronic Theatre aims to bring people together through shared play with a mission of making screen time social again.

In an age when technology can be used to drive people apart, Electronic Theatre aspires to use technology to bring people together by creating an entirely digital entertainment platform which is socially interactive. Teams of up to six players can take on adventures lasting 30 or 60 minutes with the absence of helmets or bulky wearables allowing for natural interaction between players (unlike Virtual Reality experiences).

Founder and CEO, Will Dean, said: “Electronic Theatre is all about making screen time social again. We’re not anti-technology; we want to use technology to bring people together, and do so through the power of shared play. Electronic theatre is a video game for people who don’t normally play video games.”

“Electronic Theatre is an experience that any group – be they friends, family, or work-mates can complete and feel a bit closer to each other. Creating shared memories bonds groups like nothing else. By completing one of our Adventures, teams will create a memory they can look back on together”.

Each of Electronic Theatre’s signature Adventures are designed by the company’s in-house team of developers. New Adventures will be released regularly, meaning that groups can return to the site to take on challenges totally different to their previous visit.