Four London-based businesses win at the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards

  • Additional writing by Chester Stuart for London Post

A sense of pure delight and celebration filled the room at the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards as the winners of each of the prestigious 13 categories were announced, with one additional category added for Outstanding Contribution to British Business that went to the Oxford Vaccine Group.

The calibre of finalists in each category was very high, with Britain’s business elite filling every seat in the room. The evening was intertwined with inspirational speeches from Sarah Austin, Director of the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards, Paul Gordon, Lloyds Banking Group Managing Director for SME & MID Corporates, Laura & Jason Kenny, Olympic athletes who between them have 12 Olympic gold medals in cycling, and Channel 4’s Steph McGovern.

The awards had a plethora of worthy finalists but Octopus Energy, Dent Global, Bovingdons Catering and QBC Software truly outshone their competition in each of their four categories.

‘Power to the people’ – a fitting strapline for the iNews Technology and Innovation Award winners, Octopus Energy, who pride themselves in being disruptors in the UK energy sector. Octopus Energy is a start-up that has gone from strength to strength, using innovation and technology to thrive in the energy market. The business is paving the way to create energy that is good for the planet, while helping its customers to save some pennies too with judges recognising this on the night.

Matt Davies, Director from, commented:

“Over the last year supporting businesses has been our main focus, supplying energy to 40,000 SME’s across the UK is no mean feat but, receiving this award tonight recognises the achievements of our team.

“We have spent a lot of time supporting those businesses who have been concerned about energy, from costs to educating SMEs on how to become greener. So for us as a team and business, it’s very important for us to be here. Winning this award on home territory is incredibly important to us, to win in the UK is an amazing achievement not just for us as a business but for our customers. This award truly recognises and highlights our hard work, to ensure UK businesses bounce back greener.”

Dent Global are worldwide leaders in entrepreneurial strategy and technology for businesses. The company have been recognised for the outstanding service they provide for their customer base, securing the Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines® Business Enabler of the Year Award. Dent Global outshone their competition with their impeccable ability to help customers and clients, gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals. The judges recognised Dent Global’s outstanding offering which goes beyond its services, infrastructure and products.

Daniel Priestly, CEO of, commented:

“It’s been an absolute honour to win this award, it’s an extreme honour and privilege to be recognised this way. It’s absolutely wonderful to be here tonight to recognise the stories of all other great businesses.

“We’re extremely passionate about our work with entrepreneurs, with over 3,500 amazing clients this is something that we’ve needed over the last couple of years. Seeing the work we’ve done with our own clients has inspired us and helped push the belief that entrepreneurs solve problems.

“I’d like to thank the business as a whole, the team and our clients, as we wouldn’t have achieved this award without them.”

More than just a business, Bovingdons Catering have gone above and beyond to support their employees during the pandemic, going that extra mile to ensure employee welfare was at the forefront of business operations. Creating such a collaborative, inclusive, supportive and diverse workforce, Bovingdons Catering secured the Employer of the Year Award.

Theo Wieder, Director of, commented:

“It is a wonderful privilege to win this award tonight, we wouldn’t be here or have got this far without the whole team behind Bovingdons Catering.

“During the pandemic it was important that we went above and behind, punching above our weight and doing the very best that we can for others. We started as a small family business and now we are a team of over 200 valued members of staff.

“My most important piece of advice for any business owner is to respect the people that you work with, day in and day out, that is the key for a successful business and quite possibly the key for becoming employer of the year.”

Winners of the Lloyds Bank Mid-Market Business of the Year Award, QBS Software were recognised for their strong market position and growth within what is a highly competitive industry. The software business has had more than 6,000 resellers partner with them in 2021 alone, and the business has high hopes for its continued domination of the UK and European markets.

John Pochettino, from, commented:

“I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for this award, it is the first big recognition for the company.

“At QBS we have undergone a massive expansion, going from a medium sized company and now to a large company, we’ve all been working extremely hard and getting together as a team and company as a whole. Even though it’s been a tough couple of years, for all businesses, we believe that we will keep pushing forward over the next three years. It has been a struggle, but we’ve succeeded.

“We’d like to achieve global domination over the next few years but we’ll see what happens!”.

Sarah Austin, Director of, commented:

“A true accolade to British Business, these businesses are all worthy winners of the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence awards. Their positive contribution to the reputation and success of British business has not gone unnoticed and it will be great to see how winning an award of this stature will propel the company into the spotlight, where they can shine and inspire other businesses.”

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