Frederick Hutson Agent of Change and Global Inspiration


Millions of people around the world have experienced the life improving impact of Frederick Hutson on their lives. Are you ready for a taste? Let’s explore how this commerce magnate has been triggering positivity in millions of lives around the globe, including his.

Huston’s influence is in part rooted in his attainment of what many would consider a mammoth feat. He used his experiences in incarceration to generate an idea for a business. Then he was able to execute this idea so proficiently that the business not only became a reality but also ballooned in popularity and success, becoming a global giant in the industry.

How Hutson Changed His Life

While in incarceration, Hutson saw something no one else noticed. He saw and experienced first-hand, the challenges inmates faced when they tried to remain in touch with people on the outside. He also saw how this disconnect could lead many inmates to return to a life of crime afterwards since connections are so crucial to the post incarceration rehabilitative process. He decided to find a way to solve this problem while also furthering his ambition to become a successful entrepreneur.

The solution Hutson conceptualized was a company designed to allow easy communication between inmates and their connections on the outside.  This company would offer a messaging service along with VoIP supported telecommunications services and would also facilitate smoother delivery of photographs. The company, Pigeonly, was launched in 2012 and since then it has been growing at an impressive monthly rate of 30%. Today, the company has subscriptions in over 88 countries making it a powerful force on the international scene.

The Impact

The establishment of the company brought about positive changes in the lives of inmates and their networks. The exorbitant charges that they faced when making phone calls to loved ones, could now be avoided as Pigeonly offered  a very affordable rate.  Inmates and their families have been able to forego millions of dollars in expenses as they opt for Pigeonly’s communications services instead of the more costly alternatives. Additionally, inmates could now receive a greater volume of high quality pictures.

To call Hutson’s life story inspirational would be an understatement of epic proportions. His triumph over the obstacles life threw his way is, at the very minimum, revolutionary. His innovative achievements have been so awe inspiring that numerous major media outlets have sought him out for interview and feature stories. As a result, you can find his story not only on the website of his company, but also in publications such as Forbes magazine, The New York Times and the Huffington Post. Millions of people around the world, inspired by his story, have redoubled their efforts to fulfill their professional and social dreams.

Professionals in the field of commerce consider Hutson to be a true epitome of the consummate entrepreneur.  His adeptness at business management and leadership has made him a well sought after consultant for many new and existing companies and even seasoned CEOs strive to emulate his recipe for success.