FREE NOW to launch Taxi Hunt in London


Hailing a taxi used to mean keeping your eyes on the road, but next month, Londoners are being encouraged to look on pavements, ledges and benches to catch their ride.

From Tuesday 2nd July 2019, FREE NOW, Europe’s biggest e-hailing app, is hiding 100 miniature black taxis around the capital, with each one unlocking an experience for the finder – as well as a complimentary cab to take the stress out of the journey getting there.

Whether it’s cream tea in Knightsbridge, a high-speed boat tour on the Thames or even a weekend stay in one of the 28 European cities FREE NOW operates in, the taxi hunt is designed to encourage Londoners to get out and experience more of the capital, while FREE NOW takes care of their journey.

The taxi hunt marks the launch of FREE NOW, the new evolution of mytaxi, Europe’s biggest e-hailing app. FREE NOW stands for making the places we live and visit easier to explore, making cities smarter, more flexible and more sustainable.

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