FUE Vs FUT Transplant


Within the hair transplant world, two of the most common techniques are FUT and FUE. If you’re unsure of what these are, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered on everything that you’ll need to know for your hair transplant in London. Our article features these two methods and gives a better insight into how you can go about choosing one to use.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is better known as the Follicular Unit Extraction method. The process entails individual follicles being extracted and later on they are embedded into the area of treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that the actual hair is moved.

For the most part, one follicle is known for growing several hairs. In order to fill in small areas or even specific sections, it must be done in a rather precise way. A trained professional uses this technique and creates a series of shapes on the site. Unlike other known methods, this one is not too invasive and it allows the area where follicles came from to heal faster.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT on the other hand is better known as the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique. FUT is sometimes referred to as strip transplantation. The key difference in this one is how the follicles are removed from the donor site.

Unlike other methods, this process entails a strip of skin that is removed. After removal, the follicles are separated before they can be transplanted. This method in particular offers more transplantable follicles making it more common.

If a large area requires transplant tactics, this method is favored since it can fill thicker spaces. When compared to FUE, FUT is more invasive. With FUT, some scarring takes place but is still minimal thanks to donor closure. Additionally, it also allows the hair in the area to grow around and over the scar.

How To Choose Between FUE And FUT Hair Transplants

Before you can make a decision, there are several factors that should be considered. These are as follows:

* FUE is used for the sake of avoiding linear scarring. However, in the case of FUT, scarring is minimal thanks to new and improved techniques.

* Since FUEs are not that invasive, you can return to your regular daily routine in a short space of time. For most, this is highly desirable.

* FUT transplant offers the benefit of faster transplant options. During this process, thousands of follicles are extracted at the same time which speeds up the entire process.

* Since FUTs are done in a jiffy, patients have the chance to save on the cost. This procedure allows them to spend less time in an institution which means that the cost is reduced.