Full-Time R.V.er’s Cool Space Saving Items


Living in an RV full-time sure has plenty of benefits. You get to live wherever you want, you are constantly traveling and experiencing plenty of beautiful scenery, but there is one tiny aspect that RVers know very well to be a slight obstacle – limited space. This is why we’ve come up with very cool space-saving items that can help full-time RVers keep their home neat.

Kitchen Space Saving

While it’s true that everyone who owns a kitchen needs cool space-saving items to make sense of the many things that are necessary for a kitchen to work, it is all the more important for RV kitchens because there is so little space, to begin with. On average, the size of an RV is about the size of an average room in a house, and not to mention how small the kitchen is. This is all the more reason to make life easier and more organized for people who live in an RV full time. Some of the items that have many purposes are a good start such as mason jars, roll-up dish rack, and some staples such as a good cutting board. Mason jars can be used for storing small items, food leftovers, and ultimately as everyday drinking cups. A roll-up dish rack can be used as both a dish rack, a drying rack for washed vegetables and fruits, and as a surface for hot pots.

Portable Night Stand

Things can get messy fast in an RV because it’s easy to over-clutter a small space. One aspect in particular that can help take care of this mess is a portable nightstand. More often than not, people have all sorts of items in their nightstand ranging from cell phones, notebooks, glasses, and whatever they are reading at the time. Furthermore, a lot of people have certain medical aspects in their nightstands such as asthma medications because they need to keep them nearby in case of an emergency. This is just the beginning of the mess that can easily overtake your RV which is why a portable nightstand that has plenty of pockets can help you have a small but organized space for all of your usual nightstand items. This way you don’t have to worry about finding your glasses in the morning or stress over where to put your books or meds.

The Essentials

Many cool space-saving items can help you better organize your RV because we all know how quickly small spaces can get cluttered. If only one person is living in an RV this might not be such a big issue, but more often than not people live with their families which makes it all the easier to make a huge mess because there are so many things that a family needs. This is why many storage solutions also make great gifts for RV owners because, with the space-sensitivity of an RV, they will welcome items such as hammocks and portable chairs wholeheartedly. Storage is a big aspect of living in an RV so any kind of space-saving item in addition to camping gear and camping passes is a perfect gift for your full-time RVer friends. 

Hanging Storage

Another great way to save storage in an RV is by paying attention to hanging storage or installing the means necessary to establish it. Many great areas in an RV can tolerate hanging storage without it feeling overcrowded. Parts of the RV such as the vertical area behind the cabinet and closet doors can be easily repurposed into storage. In addition to this, you can place a hanging wastebasket behind the cabinet door under the sink which is a favored RV space-saving tip. Furthermore, if we’re talking about space-saving items, we can’t go on without mentioning hooks, specifically hooks in vertical spots such as walls by your front door to put keys. Hooks can be installed in many convenient places around your RV which are entirely up to you to decide. Similarly to this, you can install a produce hammock to hang fruits and vegetables out of the way, and you can do the same with your toiletries such as shampoo dispensers and shower caddies.

All of these items are cool space-saving helpers and you should make sure you use them to your advantage if you keep finding your RV in a constant state of mess. They also work very well if you’re looking to gift them to your RV friends as good space-saving items are always needed and welcomed.