Hacked off London commuters surprised with a chauffeured helicopter and a month’s free rent

  • Strikes and freak weather have caused misery for London commuters all week
  • Mysterious installation in Covent Garden brings commuters’ pet peeves to life and surprises them with a helicopter ride home and VIP festival tickets

With train strikes and freak weather causing chaos and misery across the capital all week, a mysterious billboard asking commuters in Covent Garden to unload their gripes of the week has been surprising people all morning by making their biggest pet peeves into a gloriously dramatic resolution.

Recent research from Vita Coco revealed that commuting is the number one cause of daily stresses for those across the UK – hardly surprising with the daily commute being hindered with endless disruptions and delays, such as the five-day strike announced earlier this week.

Top 10 pet peeves:

  1. People taking up seats with their bags

  2. Public transport being late

  3. Tube/train closures and cancellations due to overcrowding

  4. Being stuck in traffic

  5. Heat on tubes in the summer

  6. Replacement bus service

  7. Not being prepared for the rain

  8. Queuing for tickets/barriers

  9. Getting caught in the rain

  10. A stranger trying to engage in conversation on public transport

With everything from giant umbrellas to an impromptu boxing match, the scenes outside Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden this morning have been drawing in crowds of commuters who’ve been interacting with the mysterious installation and watching their biggest pet peeves come to life before them.

With one commuter winning VIP festival tickets and another receiving a month’s free rent, it looks like this week’s hellish commute might be looking up!