Have online casinos permanently changed the casino industry?


The global events of the last 18 months have impacted nearly every facet of daily life, including how we gamble and place bets. Many veteran gamblers who never would have considered an online casino platform or digital gambling app tried online gambling for the first time over the course of the last year. Those who were hesitant soon found that online gambling is just as fun and exciting as gambling in person, and it has an added convenience and ease of use factor.

More people than ever have started gambling and placing bets online and this migration to digital platforms has led market researchers to wonder whether or not online casinos have permanently ousted brick-and-mortar casinos in the industry’s market share.

The battle for market share

Brick-and-mortar casinos have had a rough year after needing to put operations on hiatus for a number of months. At the same time, online casino use has skyrocketed and many people who previously never used gambling apps are now using several different apps, lodging payments using cryptocurrencies and just generally turning into digital gambling fans. Casino premises around the world will slowly begin to reopen over the next few months and as they do, it will be interesting to note whether they experience the same level of patronage as they did a few years ago.

It is likely that physical casinos will experience a temporary boost in patronage, as many people will be keen to enjoy the social, lively atmosphere of a casino floor and having a pint with friends while playing cards or pulling slots. However, it is possible that after a cooling-off period, attendance rates of brick-and-mortar casinos will begin to slowly decline as gamblers return to the convenience and ease of online gambling.

Digital gambling and online casino apps allow gamblers to place bets, play games and pull slots from the convenience of their own homes, during a commute or in between rounds while at the pub with friends. Online gambling also allows players to pay using cryptocurrencies for added security and privacy, and gamblers can play more than one game at a time – something that is typically impossible at a casino. Although it is not clear how many gamblers will return to casino premises, it seems very certain that the future of online gambling increasingly looks bright.

Live dealers and live casino options

One aspect of online casinos that has, in many ways, replaced the need for brick-and-mortar casinos is that of live dealer and live casino game options on online platforms. When gamblers join live dealer games, they are playing against other actual people while a dealer on webcam deals cards. Live dealer casinos have become incredibly popular because they allow gamblers to enjoy the friendly back and forth with other players and the dealer that characterises so many great casino experiences. The games are also attractive to new players who want to concentrate on the game and improve their skills without the physical distractions of ambient noise, other players and conversation.

Live dealer casino games are so popular that most online casinos now offer live dealer options for gamblers. That being said, it can be difficult to find the best online live dealer casinos, as there are so many to choose from. Betspin.com lists all of the top online live dealer casinos, together with the bonuses and promotions that each casino has on offer for new players. Novice and veteran gamblers alike can benefit from the rankings, reviews and bonus information listed on Betspin.

Looking to the future

While it is unlikely that the rise of the live dealer experience will completely destroy the brick-and-mortar casino industry, it is likely to continue taking market share. There will always be a place for physical casinos because of the fun and lively atmosphere that a bubbling casino floor has. However, online casinos are continuing to innovate and offer their patrons new experiences and options. As the industry looks ahead, new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality – VR and AR – are likely to become increasingly popular and will heighten the realism and excitement of online gambling.

A diverse, competitive landscape is always beneficial for consumers as it means that companies are continually vying with one another to attract customers. The competitive nature of the gambling industry should be viewed as a positive development, which means that large casino companies will continue to innovate to offer gamblers the best products and experiences possible.