Healthy Recipes That Need Only A Few Ingredients


Eating healthy can be a real challenge since there are so many temptations everywhere you go. Anyone with the ambition of becoming a home cook often finds himself or herself overwhelmed by obstacles, such as lack of time, not having the right ingredients, or the recipes being too complicated.

But eating healthy doesn’t have to be this eternal struggle. The following recipes are healthy, filling, and they require only a handful of ingredients. They are easy to make, and they won’t demand you to be a master chef to get them right.

Rice with veggies

This recipe requires a bit more than rice and some veggies, but that’s pretty much all about it. Grab a vegetable mix from the frozen food aisle, a bag of rice, a couple of onions, and some soy sauce and cooking oil. You only have to prepare the veggies first by sautéing them in a bit of oil, while you boil the rice separately. Combine them once they’re almost done and let the rice soak the goodness. Add the soy sauce at the end.

Baked chicken and potatoes

While this may not be the most comprehensive article on cooking chicken in all the possible ways, a recipe including the well-known lean meat couldn’t be amiss. A simple recipe that you can make with minimum effort and from only a handful of ingredients is baked chicken and potatoes.

For this recipe, you need 8 chicken thighs, 1 pound of potatoes, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and the seasoning you prefer. The best part about this recipe is that you just have to throw all the ingredients together in a pan. Don’t forget to preheat the oven and let the pan inside for 45 minutes or as much as it’s needed for the meat to cook through.

Bell peppers stuffed with quinoa

The focus of these recipes is on health, and that means that portion control should be in the cards, as well. If you have ever eaten stuffed bell peppers, you probably remember how delicious they are. However, making them with fat meat like pork would deny the purpose of this recipe to be healthy.

What makes the difference is the stuffing. Instead of meat, use a combination of cooked quinoa and sautéed onion; mix everything with a bit of salsa and the seasoning of your choice. Then top them with a bit of cheese and send them to the oven. This recipe is so delicious that you will want to make it over and over again.

Kale and Brussels sprouts salad

For the days when you want to go completely vegan, nothing could work better than a greener than green salad. Here’s an idea that will help you achieve your purpose. Steam some kale – about 8 ounces – and then slice it thinly; place it in a bowl. Add some sliced fresh Brussels sprouts – about 3 cups – and a few pistachios, crushed. Make everything come together with half a cup of honey mustard dressing, and you’re done.

Grilled salmon

An extremely simple recipe that requires only a little bit of knowledge on how to grill salmon correctly is this one. You only need as many salmon fillets as people are invited over for dinner, and the seasoning you prefer. Make sure that you never poke the fish while it’s cooking and that you don’t overcook it. You still want it to be delicious and perfectly juicy inside.

And, if you want to make this dinner extra healthy, for a side dish, think of a cucumber salad made with a bit of dressing of your choosing to complete the fantastic taste of salmon.