Here are the Top 10 Kylie Minogue videos watched in the UK on YouTube


Top 10 Kylie Minogue videos watched in the UK on YouTube*


2Love at first sight

3Stop me from falling

4Spinning around

5I should be so lucky

6Can’t get you out of my head

7In your eyes

8Where the wild roses grow

9All the lovers

10Santa Baby

·       After 11 years on YouTube, Kylie’s official channel has received a staggering 336+ million views to date.

·       As Kylie turns 50, views on YouTube continue to surge, receiving over 100 million views across YouTube globally since January 2017. And now 2018 is on pace to be Kylie’s biggest year yet on YouTube.

·       Globally, Kylie’s average daily viewership in 2018 has reached 362K as compared to 180K daily average views in 2017. That’s a 101% increase in daily average global viewership.

·       In the UK, Kylie’s daily average viewership is spiking at an incredible 44K per day as compared with only 18K views per day in 2017. That’s a 145% increase in daily average UK viewership.

Interestingly, we’re also seeing that the top 5 UK cities where Kylie is viewed most are*:

1 London

2 Glasgow

3 Birmingham

4 Manchester

5 Leeds

Meanwhile, the top countries where Kylie is most viewed*:

1 UK

2 US

3 Mexico

4 Poland

5 Germany

6 Brazil

7 France

8 Spain

9 Japan

10 Italy