Here is how to add the perfect pop of colour to your own home


Colour is the first thing you notice when you walk into a new room. Colours bring their own energy to a room and can determine the feel of a space. With just the right placement of colour you can transform your room, injecting your personality into every corner. Leading high-street retailer Robert Dyas has a wide variety of home accessories which will allow you to add the perfect pop of colour to your own home. You can add colour to every room, from your bedroom to your bathroom, each creating their own atmosphere.

In the world of home interiors, colour psychology is argued to play a significant role in creating the mood of your home. Colour is seen as a powerful tool to create the ambiance of a room; different colours can trigger certain emotions and bring back happy memories; this can play towards creating the ideal feel to your room and allow you to express your personality to the fullest.

Robert Dyas small domestic appliances offer the ultimate way in which to infuse colour into a lacklustre kitchen. Move away from the clinical kitchen and head towards a more retro look by embracing pastel shades with electricals like this Swan Retro 4.2L Stand Mixer (£99.00). They will add the fun back into your kitchen. Keep the theme going with more accessories such as Swan Retro Hand Blender (£24.99). With the kitchen ranges you can embrace every colour, why not use a variety of colours to make your kitchen feel bigger. Products such as Tower 1.7L Traditional Kettle (£19.99) will add to an array of eye catching elements that will transport your personality to your kitchen.

You don’t have to decorate your kitchen with just electricals. Cooking equipment such as the Pro Chef 4-Piece Mixing Bowl Set (£5.99) will allow you to add more beautiful brights to your space. Kitchen Storage is another great way to inject some colour into your room. Storage such as the Tala Retro Cake Tins(£12.99) is yet another way to bring your personality to your home.