The best “Dad days out” and experiences this Father’s Day


Research shows that millennials much prefer purchasing experiences, spending more time and money on them than buying possessions. They recognise that happiness isn’t based on “stuff” but that there is a value in creating and capturing memories.

Socks – are so last year! Cufflinks – you got him some for his birthday. Expensive bottle of Bordeaux from the top shelf in the supermarket- that was gifted for your parents’ anniversary. Knowing what to get your dad for Father’s Day that reflects how well you know him and appreciate him can be very difficult to get right. The chances are you’ve been through every possible clichéd gift idea for Father’s Day, each year rotating ideas that don’t quite hit the mark.

This Sunday 17th June, why not let these ideas from Voucherbox provide inspiration for you to enjoy a fun day out with your dad on Father’s Day?


Glow-in-the-dark crazy golf


Places like Junkyard Golf Club, which is based in Manchester, Oxford and London, offer a twist on this childhood favourite. Make Father’s Day a Father’s Night to remember with this neon paradise, with a slightly bizarre take on the dad-favourite pastime of golf. There is plenty to entertain, including a UV light garage and a scrapyard slide.










The British Motor Museum



Go big or go home with the UK’s largest collection of over 300 classic cars on display in Warwick. You may have heard your dad say his favourite car is an Aston Martin when you were once stuck at the traffic lights, so why not make his day by taking him to savour the real thing in all its glory?


Stadium tour



Sport is always a dad favourite, and many are usually found shouting at the TV at home or in the pub or catching up with the scores on Match of the Day. Why not bring sporting history to life with a stadium tour of his favourite team? These are widely available and will provide something unforgettable as you take a peek behind the scenes.


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