Here Is Why Your Bed Affects Your Health And Lifestyle


There’s no better feeling than lying on your bed after an exhausting and long day. The main goal here is to have at least a solid seven hours of good sleep, then wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. While this is good, your bed can also make you feel very tired and less energized in so many ways. And this can have a bad effect on your health. There are ways your bed can affect your health. 

You must invest in a good mattress, to sleep well and feel good health-wise: poor sleep quality weakens the body and thus makes you unproductive; This is why a comfy mattress is important for your well-being. A 2011 survey proves that 92% percent of Americans think a good mattress is critical for a good night rest.

How Can My Bed Affect My Health And Lifestyle?

Sleeping on an old mattress can cause stress, and can lead to inadequate sleep and this can hurt your health, can cause you anxiety, confusion and tension. And in turn, long term stress and sleep deprivation can lead to depression or any other psychological problem. Luckily, there are adjustable beds that can make you feel oh so comfortable without any risk of health issues. Reading further you’ll find ways in which an old mattress can affect your health:

  • You Can Have Memory Issues.

A bad mattress can hinder your sleep time, and when this happens, it affects your brain and leads to a memory problem. More so sleep deprivation can make you not to register events properly, and this causes memory loss. 

  • Your Mattress Could House Dust Mites And They Might Trigger Allergies.

Mites live in humid climates and feed on dead human skin. Even if your home is clean and shiny, they always find their way inside your house, they’re mostly found in household dust. You can be allergic to dust mites. Your body becomes sensitive to their decaying body and faeces, and when your skin comes in contact with their faeces, it can cause allergic reactions like coughing, running nose and sneezing. More so it can also trigger health issues like shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing. Mites can make you restless at night. 

Sadly it’s impossible to eradicate dust mites, but you can have an allergy-proof cover to zipping around your mattress, this serves as a barrier to mites. More so, washing your bedsheets three days a week can also kill mites. 

  • If Your Mattress Isn’t Supportive It Could Lead To Back Pain

Your spine is an important part of your body, so if it isn’t well supportable, it can be bad. You should sleep in a bed that supports your spine. If your spine is pushed or pulled due to a saggy mattress, it could put pressure on the ligaments and tendons that connect your spine to other muscles and bones, and in turn, make it sag. So when your spine sags, it gets bent and this leads to discomfort. If you sleep on your mattress and wake up later on feeling sore, it’s a sign to get a new mattress because you’re prone to back pain. 

  • A Saggy Or Bad Mattress Can Cause Back Pain

A mattress that’s saggy and with a ton of lumps, can affect your body, and end up affecting your head. More so sleeping on a mattress with no dips or bumps is not all so good, it’s good you sleep on a good mattress with a pillow, to avoid neck and body pain. It’s recommended you use two flat pillows to support your neck and head at night.

  • A Bad Mattress Can Affect Your Immune System

If you’ve got a bad mattress, you will most likely not get quality sleep and lack of sleep affects the immune system greatly. If your body doesn’t have a strong immune system, you’ll have problem-fighting germs in your body, and in turn, you might get sick if you want a strong immune system; get a new mattress. 

  • You Stand A Risk Of Having Heart Problems.

You must be wondering how an old mattress can affect your heart, but it actually can. If you feel uncomfortable laying on your old mattress, you can easily be deprived of good sleep, and in turn lack of sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure. 

Health is vital to living a good and prosperous life, and more so, health is wealth, so if you’ve got an old or bad mattress, that can affect your health, don’t even think of using it anymore, try as much as possible to change it. A new mattress is a key to quality sleep and good health.