Hermann Kreimann talks about his rise in the world of competitive robotics


When it comes to the game of life, former Football coach Hermann Kreimann knows how to play ball.

Kreimann’s Robotics company began as a science summer boot camp less than five years ago. In that short span of time, it has expanded to training over 2000 students across 35 schools every year!

A veteran of the Iraq War, he worked for the US military as a specialist in joint node network management, computer networking and satellite communications. Hermann Kreimann provided communications and radio support to the troops of the 101st airborne stationed in Sadr City, Iraq.

He is an alumnus of Rio Hondo Community College in Chafee College where he studied general education and computer networking to further advance the technical skills he acquired during his time in the military.

The shift after retiring from active duty to teaching children about engineering was very organic. It began with Kreimann’s son, Eric who was aware of his father’s passion and expertise and encouraged him to start.

He says, “My son Eric asked me to open a summer science camp, or a computer engineering camp. I was hesitant at first but then decided to give it a shot.”

His wife joined him in this endeavor, and they found themselves competing in, and winning lots of competitions in and around Inland Empire. Soon thereafter, their teams were winning regional and even advanced to a few state championship tournaments at Legoland in San Diego.

Their upward trajectory culminated in their winning the World Robotic Olympiad championship. They were subsequently selected to represent the USA at the championship in Denmark where they competed against over 200 teams from over 70 countries, placing 10th overall!

He says, “I just love it. I’ve always been tech-savvy and fascinated with gadgets and computers, but my biggest passion right now is my robotics company.”

Kreimann attributes a lot of the success he’s had in business to the skills he acquired playing sports.

“The skills I learnt playing sports taught me how to communicate effectively, both with customers, and with employees.”

Hermann Kreimann believes that part of being an effective entrepreneur and leader is to be an effective communicator.

“I’m a people person,” says Kreimann.

Kreimann ‘s stint as captain of his varsity football team helped him develop strategic thinking that he was later able to transfer into his business ventures.

The veteran soldier believes that the grit and endurance instilled by sport can be used to great advantage in the world of entrepreneurship.

“There’s always a way forward.”

The Californian entrepreneur has brought in his strategic thinking and analytical approach to his robotics business as well.

“I’m willing to go the extra mile, which is something that few people are willing to do. I will never lose to a competitor because they outworked me.”

Kreimann offers a lot of free programs in order to expand the reach of his business and products.

“I know my programs are high quality. Once they’re given an opportunity to try us, they’re not going to want to go to another competitor because they’re not going to get as much value.”