Hermanos Burgers is Officially a giant down 
in Malta


What is Hermanos’ story?
It all began in 2020 during the lockdown, with a small dark kitchen, few tools and great

After years of studying and traveling across 30 countries to discover and create the
perfect burger we gave life to Hermanos.

Hermanos was born with the intention of being able to create another industry “quality
fast food”.

Hermanos in Spanish means brothers, because traveling we learned that the whole
world has only culinary and never racial differences.

What is so special?
Passion and Freshness
we work overnight in our laboratories to have a very fresh and excellent product during the next day, thus increasing the quality of our hamburgers.

What’s the secret of this success ?
Success is the result of hard work, we went from 1 dark kitchen to 4 outlets, with 2 new openings already planned, a large headquarters 1 laboratory, 3 warehouses and 3 trucks.

I believe that it has not only happened, but also planning and study of the market. Malta deserves much more and we are willing to give our all to satisfy the market.

What are the plans for the future ?
Our plans for the future are clear enough.
We have 2 other openings in planning that will bring the number of our stores to 6 and a big surprise that we reserve exclusively.

For 2023 we have other projects, in fact a new chapter will begin, Hermanos burgers will open the doors to potential franchisees who will be able to apply through our offices for potential affiliations from December 2022.

Are you planning to go international ?
I personally always say that Rome was built brick by brick, and therefore we have not yet thought about the international launch even if London really fascinates us.