HolyGames is stepping forward to the rapid development phase with beta testing, and the company is weighing business registration between Germany and Netherland.


In the past few days, the gaming industry has been full of excitement, with the introduction of the new platform, the HolyGames.

Even though the gaming industry is worth more than 170 billion US dollars at the moment with more than a million players, only a handful of the elite gamers can make a living out of gaming. And HolyGames is here to open the door of reward for all players around the world, with fast-growing Cryptocurrency technology.

HolyGames clearly understood the need for a change in the gaming industry. And the platform is fully dedicated to building the next big gaming ecosystem where everyday players will be able to put their skills to the test to earn crypto. The platform is currently seeking Beta Testers, starting on September 1st.

Initially, the company was planned to register the business in Germany, which was one of the earliest countries to officially recognize Cryptocurrency investment. But the company claims that they are also looking into other possible locations in the EU, such as the Netherlands, or where they can get good administrative support and higher investor enthusiasm.

Jack Park, the Founder, and CEO of HolyGames speaks “I am looking into the best possible location for our business. The crypto business environment in most EU countries is very friendly to us, but in reality, related regulations and government measures are very new to most authorities to get familiar with. To move efficiently, we need to measure between locations and select where we can get the best administrative support and the most positive investor enthusiasm. With exploding interests from gamers and investors all over the world, we have to fulfill their expectations, and we shall not let them down. We have to run restlessly to achieve the goal and administrative obstacles are the last thing that we want to encounter.” The company is scheduled to complete the business registration by the end of the 3rd quarter, and an official service launch in early December.

HolyGames Platform is a Blockchain-based online battle matching platform that rewards the PvP winner with HolyGames Token (GUSD). You can visit holygames.org for more information.