Add to Cart: New e-commerce marketplace set to support independent online businesses


At a time when many small and independent businesses are struggling to stay afloat, a new venture from Cardiff-based tech entrepreneur Tej Randeva plans on throwing them a lifeline. Drawing on years of expertise, he has created the first UK e-commerce marketplace that focuses on supporting small-scale businesses, helping to drive sales without taking away any of the autonomy that makes these ventures unique.

At the moment, many new and small online businesses face the same problem: how to get their products on the radar. Of course, most major companies have expert SEO and marketing teams that know exactly how to get customers’ attention. But previously, these specialists have been out of reach for many ventures.

Add to Cart will enable online sellers to utilise the same expert marketing methods without any extra cost, getting their products noticed by more new customers: the people who matter the most. Unlike other e-commerce marketplaces, it’s designed to work alongside sellers’ existing sales platforms, such as Shopify, making it easy for anyone to sign up and get started.

If anyone can create a game-changing platform for small and independent businesses, it could well be Randeva. With years’ of experience in developing entrepreneurial solutions across multiple markets, he’s excited to be bringing his knowledge and skills to this latest project.

“With the ongoing restrictions surrounding COVID-19, it’s a difficult time for small businesses. And it’s more important than ever for them to get to grips with online sales. But unfortunately, most of the major marketplaces are not geared towards sellers and make it even more difficult for them to succeed. With Add to Cart, we want to use our skills to support them, offering all the benefits of a professional marketing campaign without the cost.”

If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, you might want to know a little more about how it works. Essentially, users can sign up to Add to Cart completely free of charge, importing all their product details directly from their existing e-commerce platform (such as Shopify) through a simple, single-step online interface. Sellers will benefit from a wide range of services, including SEO marketing, paid advertisements, social media campaigning and more – all designed to improve visibility and boost sales.. And all this for no extra cost to the seller.

But the clever part is that Add to Cart doesn’t take over the entire process. Instead, customers are redirected to the seller’s existing Shopify platform checkout page where the transaction can proceed as normal, meaning there are no complex new systems to navigate and learn. And best of all, there aren’t any expensive subscriptions or sign up fees – just a flat rate of 10% commission on any sales made via

According to Randeva, it really is a win-win situation for small businesses. “If they don’t make a sale, they pay nothing,” he explained. “There really is nothing to lose.”

Born out of a desire to support small businesses in these challenging times, Add to Cart aims to go above and beyond to help online vendors reach their potential. While many online marketplaces do not release customer details to their sellers, Randeva’s new platform will make all data available, allowing users to build lasting relationships with their client base. And soon, the team will be launching a new feature that will allow shoppers to search by locality, encouraging them to support businesses within their communities.

And that’s not all. By providing risk-free, professional-level marketing tools with no upfront costs, Add to Cart will act as a launchpad to propel small businesses into larger markets, allowing them to scale up their ventures to unprecedented levels. So Randeva and the team aren’t just incubating new businesses – they’re also helping them to develop and grow.

For the first stage of Add to Cart’s launch, the team is hoping to get as many sellers as possible signed up and ready to go. And to achieve that goal, they’re offering an amazing introductory deal. As of now, the first 100 shops to sign up will enjoy a whole 30 days of sales commission-free, providing a further boost to independent businesses in these difficult times.

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