Horse racing in Australia and peculiarities of betting on this sport


Horse racing came to Australia from England, because, as we know, Australia was its colony. At that time there were no thoroughbred horses on the continent, but there was great interest in this sport, so it was realized as much as possible. Today it is not just entertainment, but an opportunity to bet. The current amount of betting websites australia is constantly increasing, including the constant appearance of new horse racing betting apps, in which the bets are placed. Today, almost everyone is eager to get a bonus bet offer to bet on their favorite rider or horse.

Many bookmakers and modern sites for sports betting attract the attention of bettors with their lucrative offers, free no deposit bonus is a very good example of this. The birth of horse racing took place in Australia in the second half of the 18th century, when thoroughbred horses began to be actively brought to the continent. This was the period of setting the rules for horse racing and introducing this type of competition throughout the country.

Because of the shortage of horses, only a select few, that is, people of high social standing, were allowed to watch and take part in such a great event. 1810 is considered the date of the first official horse races in Australia. The intense growth and widespread  of horse sport led to the beginning of active breeding of horses, many were brought from abroad and made into successful racehorses.

                          Key features of horse racing successful bets

People who have extensive experience in making bets on horse racing know almost all the nuances that should be taken into consideration in order to accurately determine the winner. Of course, for beginners this is not an easy task, but for those who have been in this field for a long time, it is more than possible. Many factors influence the result of the competition, such as weather conditions, breed of horse, weight of jockey and horse, road surface, trained horse, obstacles during the road, and so on. Bookmakers often provide bettors with the necessary data and statistics so that they can use this information to decide on whom to bet.

Betting options in this sphere are also different, it brings some variety and increases interest. The most common is to bet on the winner of the race, although it is quite complicated, because it is easier to determine which horse will definitely not be the winner. There is also a bet on the top three winners, this also belongs to the option of the easiest bets, because in this case you can just guess without using analysis and statistics. Forecast bet is placed on the two horses that will be the first to reach the finish line. There is also the option of betting on which of the two leading horses will win in the end.

As a rule, bookmakers  provide a map of the horses’ race so bettors can see the results of previous races. An important point worth paying attention to is the distance the horse is able to cover. As far as riders are concerned, the jockey’s weight plays an important role, as the smaller it is, the more chances the horse has to come first.

 Why do Australians prefer horse racing to make bets?

Despite the fact that horse racing is a rather unpredictable form of competition, Australians still have a great love for it. This is due to the fact that the races themselves are very dynamic, that is, at any moment everything can change abruptly, which ignites an incredible excitement and gives bettors vivid emotions and experiences. It is a real explosion of adrenaline, which makes them come back to life and feel incredible emotions.

Another reason is that the analytics in horse racing are pretty clear, that is, there are specific points that affect the outcome of the race. If the bettor has comprehensive information regarding all these points, his bet is likely to succeed. And finally, the last reason, horse racing is simply a very beautiful, aesthetic, interesting and exciting spectacle, because horses are very sophisticated animals, the grace of which has always admired humans.


After analyzing a lot of data, we realized that horse racing is a leader among other mostly  beloved sports and competitions in Australia. They have their own incredible history and, most precious of all, they are cherished as an important tradition from past colonial times.They reflect the love Australians have for their history. It is an incredibly spectacular event, which is worth betting on, because not only the jockeys want to taste the victory, but also bettors who dream just for a moment to come close to the giddy success of the riders and their horses.