How a Business Number Can Help Your Business Grow


If you buy a business number for your company, whether you run a sole trader operation or a firm that employs multiple people, then you can help to make it succeed with many new avenues for potential growth. Business telephone numbers provide people with a convenient way of contacting your firm whether you provide goods and services to consumers or run a business-to-business operation. Read on to find out why buying a business number could be in your best commercial interests.

What is a business telephone number?

Simply put, a business number is one that you publish for your clients, potential customers and suppliers to call. They can operate as customer service lines, sales hotlines, or general switchboard numbers. What marks them apart is that they are memorable, generally speaking, and don’t have a mobile phone-style numbering system beginning with 07.

Instead, business numbers will have either a local dialling code, such as 0207, 0141, 0161 or 023, or a non-geographical type of code. This could be 0800, 0333 or 0845, for instance. Either way, when you buy a business telephone number for your company, it can connect to any phone number you want. This means that when people call it, they will be diverted without them even being aware that they’re connecting to another number. This could be your home number, an office number or your mobile phone depending on the set-up you want.

How do business numbers help businesses to grow?

Rather than publishing a home telephone number, which would mean your personal calls get muddled up with your business calls, a proper business telephone is much more memorable and professional sounding. As such, more people will be willing to call it. In turn, this can increase your sales enquiries and result in more lead conversions.

Likewise, if you have a mobile number on the side of a van or in your classified adverts, then fewer people will call, often believing that your business is impermanent in some way or, worse still, too far away. With a business number, you can still answer inbound calls when you are out and about on your mobile phone without having to give your mobile phone number out. By taking more calls from more people who want to know about your business, it will be better set to grow. Not only will you probably get more calls but you will also be able to answer more of them with this kind of set-up.

According to Cleartone Communications, a supplier of business telephone numbers throughout the UK, obtaining a freephone number is the best way to build business growth. Doing so means that potential callers will be even more likely to phone your firm when they want something. They will often choose your business over your competitors. In some cases, businesses see a 300 per cent rise in the number of calls they receive when they publish an 0800 number to market themselves. So, if you want your business to thrive, buying a business number for it is a sound investment.