How Are City Residents Keeping Active During Lockdown?


As covid-19 continues to keep a lot of people at home, it’s quite easy to pick up unhealthy habits and routines. However, keeping active during lockdown can help to not only improve your physical health but your mental health too. As lockdown has changed our routines this year, many of us are finding alternative ways to communicate with our friends and family, getting some fresh air, watching films, and keeping up with our exercise routines. Here are just some ways that many have been keeping active in cities around the United Kingdom.

  1. Walking more instead of using vehicles & public transport

When businesses and work routines were interrupted this year, at the peak of lockdown users of public transport were very low. In the North East, the Tyne & Wear Metro service has seen passenger numbers collapse during the covid-19 crisis and are in need of government funding to keep services running. While cycling increased by 50% in recent months, passengers in the North East are being urged to use ‘covid-secure’ public transport.

As some people have started to avoid public transport, if they can, they have started to take up eco-friendly activities such as walking and cycling. These exercises can help the public stay active, get some fresh air, and help them de-stress. Skating has also seen a rise in popularity during lockdown and roller skates videos have also often been seen on TikTok. Some of the best skateboards for Summer 2020 from Slick Willie’s in London, can help the whole family stay active this year.

2. Taking part in PE lessons at home

When schools first closed in the UK earlier this year, many school children had to adapt to doing their lessons at home with their parents. To help keep children active while they were at home, there were a range of Youtube videos online that could help children stay fit and healthy. British trainer Joe Wicks had daily ‘P.E with Joe’ videos where children, and their parents., could join in with a live morning exercise routine with Joe. When lockdown was at its tightest, and families couldn’t take their children outdoors more than once a day, videos such as this helped to keep them active.

3. Creating a small gym or exercise routine at home

As gyms were closed for a lot of this year, many city gym-goers had to find alternative ways to keep active. As many city workers were at home more during the day, it was even easier to be available to receive online deliveries of exercise dvds and exercise equipment. Whether it was for strength training or yoga, many people did their own routines at home or even joined online virtual classes. If you’re also looking for fast ways to save money this year, then creating meal plans and cancelling unnecessary subscriptions, such as gym memberships, can help save some pennies.

4. Adding a running routine to their day

If city residents were tight on space at home, then taking up running was a great way for them to get outside more. Even when lockdown was tight and residents could only get outside once a day for exercise, running could help people make the most of this limited time. Couch to 5k was a great app for people to use to get into running and help build up their stamina. Other apps like Nike Run Club also helped runners to track their progress and their personal achievements. When lockdown brought people down and people were working at home more, running was an exercise many used to help improve both their physical and mental health.