How Bar And Restaurant Bathrooms in London Can Be More Hygienic


As we begin to see bars and restaurants fully reopen across the country after COVID-19 restrictions, it might seem like now’s the time to celebrate and feel like everything is back to normal. However, it’s still vital to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to keep up our hygiene rules that have been drummed into us over the past months. Bars and restaurants, especially, are public spaces that thousands each day will be using, which is why the bathroom needs to be as hygienic as possible, starting now. Here are some tips to ensure we all stick to the rules and make things easy for everyone.

Install sensor taps

As germs can stick to surfaces for many hours, it’s important to cut out the amount of surfaces that we need to touch. The bathroom tap, for instance, can be completely changed from one with handles or levers to one with touchless technology. A favoured tap choice for airports and even modern homes, sensor taps simply require you to wave your hands close to it for the water flow activation. Even though we all know basic hygiene tips for everyday life, touchless technology can help us reduce the spread of germs further. The same sort of tech should also be installed for a soap dispenser, as you don’t want everyone touching the same soap bar or ordinary liquid soap dispenser.

Keep using paper hand towels

Although there has always been a bit of a debate between using paper towels or an electric hand dryer to dry our hands in the bathroom, more studies are pointing towards paper towels. This study by the NHS was done even before the coronavirus, and states that using paper towels helps keep the germs contained to the paper, which is then thrown into the bin. Hand dryers, while removing the water residue from your hands, have been known to actually fling bacteria from your hands into the surrounding air and also attach to the walls, ceiling, floor, and even your clothing. It’s also not as eco-friendly as you might think to use a hand dryer, as they use up a lot of energy when in use. It’s true that you can use recycled hand towels and recycled toilet paper to be more sustainable, but sadly this type of paper can only be recycled once and has to be flushed away or thrown into the bin. Still, if the goal is to reduce the spread of infections, then paper towels are your best bet.

Always wear a mask in the bathroom

Pretty much all of us find wearing a mask indoors a bit stifling and uncomfortable, but it’s still incredibly necessary for a small space like a bathroom. Wearing a mask is better than not wearing one to stop the spread of germs, so always take one with you (and maybe a spare one too) because you’re not just helping yourself, but everyone around you as well. Remember also to always wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap for around 10-20 seconds after finishing in the bathroom. All these tips are made to help reduce COVID-19 in London and England, so do your part.