How Londoner Can Enjoy Ancient Egypt Without Going to Africa


Ancient Egypt is one of the most popular ancient civilizations. Ancient Egyptian leaders such as Cleopatra have had movies made about them and locations in Egypt such as the pyramids and the Great Sphinx are visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Egypt is a long way to travel if you’d like to learn more about the ancient civilization and although London has several airports, the flight time is around five hours. There are a few ways that egyptologists or those who would like to learn more about ancient Egypt can do so without leaving the city.

Play Video Games

Those who don’t know much about ancient Egypt outside of what they’ve seen in the movies or in television shows could start small, by playing a game about the ancient civilization. Playing a slot game like the Book of Dead slot at could make learning about the ancient Egyptians fun. This slot has symbols such as Anubis and Horus, which were two ancient Egyptian gods. The game follows a character named Rich as he goes to the desert and players can enjoy the adventure with him.

Other games with ancient Egyptian characters and symbols are games like Strange Brigade and Titan Quest. These games have all been developed for players to have fun and as they are easy to play, they can be a good way to learn more.

Go to a Museum

“Petrie Museum” by Laika ac [CC BY-SA 2.0]
The city of London has more than 250 registered art museums. London may be 2,344 miles away from Egypt, but several of these museums are about ancient Egypt. These allow visitors to get close to ancient Egyptian artefacts, such as portraits, tiles, and metal samples from the time.

One of the most popular ancient Egyptian exhibitions is at the Petrie Museum at University College London. It has around 80,000 objects from several eras in ancient Egypt, like the time of the pharaohs and the period under Roman rule. There is also the Saatchi Gallery’s Tutankhamun Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibit which has been open since November 2019.

Take a Course

“Studying” by Gnarlycraig [Public domain]
Those looking for more advanced education into the rites and rituals of Ancient Egypt can enrol themselves into classes. Completion of these classes won’t give students a high-level qualification or anything of the sort, but these short courses typically take a week to complete and can teach you more about different parts of ancient Egyptian life.

Bloomsbury Summer School offers courses such as Ancient Egyptian Literature in context: A voyage through history, culture and religion and Ancient Egypt Rediscovered: New methods and techniques in Egyptology. Some courses also offer museum visits so students may feel like revisiting the museums with those who know more.

Ancient Egyptian life is full of brilliant history, from great battles to incredible developments and archaeology. Not everyone who likes ancient Egyptian artefacts will want to take a class on it, but there is fun to be had whatever your level of knowledge and however much you feel like learning.