A festive takeover of London’s Zone 1 Elephant & Castle


Festivities are in full swing in Zone 1’s Elephant & Castle this December, with free immersive experiences, community-focussed activities and performances for the whole family to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas. Visitors can engage with the creatively designed and immersive Christmas displays based on the ‘12 days of Christmas’ carol, meet and greet with Santa, get involved with the Christmas themed craft activities and capture their Christmas memories in Elephant & Castle’s festive photo booth. What’s more, visitors can indulge in classic festive treats whilst listening to festive melodies from the Elephant & Castle Community Hub’s very own choir.

Events and activities taking place in the lead up to Christmas in Elephant & Castle:

Elephant & Castle’s 12 Days of Christmas trail
When: Opening 18th November 2019
Location: Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre
Cost: FREE

Head down to Elephant & Castle to discover the immersive Christmas trail, based on the ‘12 days of Christmas’ – a display capturing every element of the infamous song. Designed to engage and get visitors into the festive spirit, the trail weaves visitors around the themed displays by following the footsteps marked, seeing and hearing all things Christmas. Imagine an entirely gold space kitted out with gold chandeliers, and illuminated rings to emulate the ‘5 gold rings’ and an immersive video wall with a dance routine for ‘ladies dancing’. There will also be a chance to win a festive prize* for those taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas trail competition. Elephant and Castle’s Community Hub choir will also be performing its rendition of ‘12 days of Christmas’ on 27thNovember opposite the Community Hub, between 5pm and 6pm in the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre.

Elephant & Castle’s festive selfie station
When: Open now, and available throughout the festive period
Location: Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, first floor, opposite Miko’s Café and Café Castello
Cost: FREE

Head over to Elephant & Castle’s very own selfie station where visitors can snap to their heart’s content in the shopping centre’s five different booths, each offering something different – glittery angel wings, snowmen cutouts, an upside-down room, another sporting a picture frame with glittery backgrounds, neon tubes and glitter floor graphic and one room which emulates a winter wonderland snow scene. The event is completely free and the booths are available to all.