How this 19 Year Old Entrepreneur is Building a Revolutionary Sleep Empire


It’s no hidden fact that many people around the world have issues with their sleep. In fact, in recent reports from The Harvard Gazette, about 30-35% of the world’s population experiences some kind of insomnia – especially increased due to the recent pandemic anxiety. With this, many people have turned to taking synthetic pharmaceuticals from drugstores and other various methods to combat their lack of sleep, odds are, you’ve probably even tried melatonin pills at some point.

But did you know that these drugstore sleep-aids are actually quite bad for you?

Faiz Warsani, a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Chicago has been closely observing this common insomnia issue for the last year and decided that it was time to research more about the science behind the lack of sleep and develop an all natural solution to put the problem to an end. After over 1 year of an extensive R&D process, Faiz founded a company called SweetDreams, with a flagship formula created to naturally put an end to your sleep problems – The DreamPotion. This sleep potion uses plant based ingredients ranging from naturally derived CBD oil, premium melatonin extract, and blueberries.

With Faiz’s background in branding and e-commerce, he was able to create a brand with a fun, charismatic approach to such a serious problem. Typically when taking these drug store sleep aids, you almost feel like you are taking some sort of medicine which is not how you want to be going to sleep. The DreamPotion has a unique bottle shape, enchanting colors, and of course…a very sweet taste. With the combination of all natural CBD, melatonin, and sweet blueberry extract, all 3 ingredients work in tandem to put you in a comfortable sedation 30 minutes before you sleep. The best way to describe how you will feel after taking the product is, well, sleepy like a baby.

Faiz hopes to make a massive impact in the sleep industry by trying to eliminate harmful sleep aids so those struggling with insomnia can have a solution that does not damage them in the long term.

You can check out SweetDreams on and visit Faiz’s Instagram for a behind the scenes look at how he builds up his brand, SweetDreams –