How to keep offices clean


Maintaining a high cleaning standard in your office environment is important to ensure the health and productivity of your workers, something that is failing in most of London. But how do you keep your office clean? Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Organise loose papers

One thing that can easily pile up and cause considerable clutter in the office is paperwork. It looks messy, and it also makes it far more difficult for you and your employees to find important document should the moment arise. You can organise loose papers by doing the following:

● Make use of desktop trays for certain documents that may be needed on a regular basis
● For things such as invoices and product specification, use filing cabinets and label files to ensure they can be easily found if need be.
● To prevent loose paperwork piling up completely: why not consider scanning the documents instead and saving them electronically?


Make sure cleaning supplies are on hand

To prevent germs from spreading, the NHS recommends some basic cleaning products readily available, so people have the opportunity to pitch in and help to keep the space clean. Basic items include:

● A mop and bucket
● A dustpan and brush
● Clean cloths
● Disinfectant surface spray
● Sponges
● Detergent


Disinfect bathrooms daily

Any bathrooms in busy offices are bound to get a lot of action and should be cleaned every day and even every few hours.

From the get go, you can make sure that your bathroom has been built in a hygienic way, with wall cladding and specific surfaces that are easy to clean – companies that specialize in this include Focus Washrooms and Trovex.

As a basic, you can make sure soap dispensers are refilled, as well as toilet rolls and paper towel holders too to disinfect these areas.

Avoid leaving packaging laying around

Not only is leaving empty packaging and boxes around the office untidy, but it can also present itself as a potential hazard. Try to implement the following in your office:

● A procedure to ensure packaging is promptly removed with a certain period of time
● Having recycling bins that are regularly emptied


Think about an office suggestions board

To encourage cleanliness, it could be worth having an office suggestions board where people can highlight problem areas in the office.

Empty the rubbish each afternoon

Leaving rubbish to fester overnight can leave unpleasant odoursand also encourage the appearance of pests. Make sure you always empty rubbish every afternoon to avoid this from occurring.

Keep desk spaces uncluttered

To avoid office desks becoming messy and cluttered, be sure to buy organisational units to encourage your employees to keep their space tidy. Think of purchasing drawer dividers, pencil holders, paper trays and bookshelves.

Have a cleaning schedule you keep to

Set up a cleaning spreadsheet of all the tasks that need to be completed over the week and delegate them accordingly. Make a realistic schedule that feels feasible, and be sure to change up the tasks between employees to make the chores less repetitive in nature.