How to obtain multiple citizenship of Saint Lucia


Picturesque nature, beckoning people from all over the world with its pristine beauty, and healing mineral springs have long been the hallmark of one remote small country. To this you can add the local customs and beautiful exoticism. We are talking about the island state of St. Lucia, located in the Caribbean Sea. However, few people know that in addition to beauty, visitors can get St. Lucia citizenship by investment. This information was shared by Victor Esik, an expert of the company Immigrant Invest.

What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship is a political-legal connection of a person with two states at the same time. It can be obtained in those state formations where the authorities have concluded international treaties to regulate the rights and obligations of such people. Many people want to acquire additional citizenship in order to have more opportunities.

In many countries the question of dual citizenship is still open. Not all authorities are ready to legalize such an institution, although there are many years of disputes about it. However, as practice shows, people still try to acquire dual citizenship in order to realize their dreams and expand their own opportunities.

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

Since 2015, Saint Lucia has had a special program that provides for the acquisition of a second citizenship. This status can be obtained by an individual investor and his family members in just six months. In order to acquire this connection with the local state, you need to perform only a few steps.

Under the law, St. Lucia dual citizenship can be obtained by making a deposit of 100,000 dollars in the state fund or investing 200,000 dollars to purchase real estate. In addition, it is also offered and the purchase of government bonds worth 350,000 dollars. Direct air travel between the island in the Caribbean Sea and the Western countries is one of the most significant advantages. In this case, the cost of obtaining citizenship of this country is fully justified.

Benefits of St. Lucia Dual Citizenship

If you want to buy a villa or a hotel in a picturesque place of an island country, you will not find a better use for your investments. In the end, this could be the basis for obtaining a passport of that country. And Saint Lucia multiple citizenship will give a lot of possibilities, because it has the following benefits:

  1. Visa-free travel to more than 120 countries. Among them are the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and all EU countries.
  2. Unlimited stay on the island. Thanks to this status, a person can avoid having to go to the local immigration center.
  3. Financial mobility. Banking is thriving in the country, so people can only carry a card. Also, big businesses have their own accounts here for security and privacy.
  4. Advantageous tax policies. The tax rate is the lowest in the world. Also the income of foreign entrepreneurs is not subject to taxation. Registration of any business is protected by strict legislation.

In addition, investors can return their investments in securities or real estate in 5 years. A significant advantage is also a U.S. visa, which is issued in a few days. Holders of such a document can stay in the U.S. for about six months a year.

Get a passport of Saint Lucia for a cash payment can be done remotely, using the services of a licensed agent. There is no need to be in the country to apply for an ID. It’s very simple, fast and affordable.

How to Obtain St. Lucia Dual Citizenship

There are several ways to become a citizen of a small country: by applying for a residence permit or by getting married. However, many are interested in acquiring this status through investment. In this case, dual citizenship in St. Lucia, is provided quickly and protects against any trouble in the native country. To do this, you must meet certain requirements:

  • have reached the age of 18;
  • be clean before the law;
  • provide bank statements, confirming the financial capacity;
  • have health insurance.

Then you need to choose one of the financial investment options: a charitable contribution to a government fund or an investment in real estate. Both of these options attract entrepreneurs, but most are inclined to contribute a certain amount to the state fund, as not everyone wants to do business on the island.


Santa Lucia is not only a pretty island in the Caribbean, but also an attractive place for investments that provide citizenship. As practice shows, buying real estate also pays off easily. The state provides an extensive list of real estate. You can buy a small luxury hotel and hand it over to the management company. Given the tourist attractiveness of the island, such an investment will quickly pay off.