Social Gaming: significant improvement to iGaming experience


Social gaming has been one of the major shifts in the iGaming industry in recent years. With the meteoric rise of social media platforms and the increasing popularity of mobile devices, iGaming has gained widespread attraction through social gaming. The accessibility of online games and the practicality of playing them on mobile have both fueled this trend. The iGaming industry has been quick to join this fast moving train, with many online casinos and gaming companies investing hugely in player’s gaming experiences through social gaming.

One of the major reasons for the success of social gaming is the ability to link up people from every walk of life. The accessibility of online games has greatly improved relationships by taking away the obstacle of distance. This social aspect has been a major selling point and has increased the popularity of iGaming. While players connect online to play and interact, betting platforms such as Oddschecker allow punters to compare odds and offers, introducing them to new gaming experiences.

Here are some significant recent improvements to the iGaming experience.

Smooth control of surges

Players always expect smooth play where there is zero chance for downtime. Players become fond of the gaming experience and spend more time in the chat box of these games. 100 percent control of surges intensifies momentum between players and it fosters communication. This means players can rest assured that there won’t be glitches as they compete with others online.

When iGaming platforms have perfect uptime, this increases the popularity of the game. Players often spend longer hours at the tables because of this significant improvement.

Forums and eCafe

Game makers often create platforms for players to engage with each other. This allows those who are interested to chat outside of and during play. Forums enable game makers to build communities of people near and far.

Queries about games and solutions to technical and strategic questions can be found on these forums as players share knowledge. iGaming forums allow players to share banter and advice, as well as their understanding of the games. Chat functions on iGaming platforms allow players to talk about subjects outside of the games too. iGaming companies sometimes reward engagement on the platform, especially when it comes to players who help to solve game-related problems on the forums.

New and experienced players alike can be found in these forums getting insight from pros, rather than search on the internet or reading manuals.

Secure Data

Players have to trust companies with their personal data. They are willing to share more and pay more for a good, secure user experience. iGaming companies have created an environment of trust for players by using measures such as the 2FA and MFA. Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires users to present two types of authentication, while MFA requires users to present at least two, if not more authentication.

The strength of a platform is often based on its ability to encrypt players identity, data and transactions. This has allowed people to confidently deposit funds and play games for real money. If chat is also encrypted, then players can feel more comfortable sharing opinions and socializing online.

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Competition online

A report in 2019 by SuperData revealed that the gaming industry is worth over $110 billion dollars. The iGaming market contributed over 50 percent to this revenue and at times even more. This is in part due to the worldwide accessibility of iGaming titles.

Some iGaming platforms also hold weekly or monthly tournaments that allow players to compete on leaderboard. This adds another dimension to social gaming, one of competition that can occur around the clock.


The iGaming industry has embraced social elements that make it easy for players to interact online. This is a phenomenal factor that has helped players across the world to see games as a social experience and not just a game. Social gaming allows those around the world to connect regardless of distance and play their favorite iGaming titles.