How to Organize a Full House Cleaning


While there are perks to leading a busy lifestyle, maintaining household cleanliness is certainly not one of them. You start your week with a sparkling house where everything is in its proper place. Before you know it, there are gym bags by the door, the laundry has piled up on the chair, the sink is full of dishes, and you can’t find a clear path from one piece of furniture to another. Suffice to say, your house is a mess. 

So what can a busy mom or an overwhelmed single person do to clean their house thoroughly in an organized and efficient way? That’s what we’re here to let you in on. Cleaning your house easily and without wasting much time can be done by following these steps.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Whether you are a busy person or just don’t waste a lot of time cleaning your house you can use Cleaning Services London, your goal remains the same. Cleaning the house shouldn’t be a time-consuming task by any means, but that requires some smart strategy setting in advance. The best place to start is to create a cleaning schedule that can fit into your routine seamlessly. 

The schedule will include daily tasks that can be done spontaneously to avoid the accumulation of chores, which can be done easily by washing the dishes right away or collecting the laundry in its designated place. As for the bulky chores, you have one of two options. You can divide them over the days of the week, where you designate one hour or less every day for cleaning. This schedule can look something like this:

  • Saturday: Kitchen
  • Sunday: Bedroom
  • Monday: Office
  • Tuesday: Children’s Room
  • Wednesday: Living Room
  • Thursday: Bathrooms
  • Friday: Laundry

Alternatively, you can divide your tasks over a couple of days and extend the cleaning period.

Deep Cleaning Routine

Generally speaking, you’ll have three cleaning duties. The first one is the daily tasks you do to alleviate the burden of a messy house. The second is the regular cleaning, which we’ll get into in the next point. Then there’s the deep cleaning routine, which is the most exhausting of all. You’ll only need to do deep cleaning once every few months or when you’re hosting a major event at your place. 


For instance, hectic cities like London have many house rentals that require end-of-tenancy cleaning before the next tenant settles in. In such cases, a deep cleaning routine with the help of carpet cleaning services London-based can be an easy solution to keep your deposit and move out. You’ll also be better off leaving the deep cleaning for a professional service provider, where they’ll be able to leave your house sparkling from the inside out.

Get in the Mood

Once you start cleaning, you can quickly grow frustrated at all the chores and effort you’ll have to do. Meanwhile, cleaning the house can be a quite enjoyable experience – if you allow it to be so. Make sure to make your cleaning duty fun by setting up a cleaning playlist and streaming your favorite music throughout the session. You can choose to play it over the speakers, but if that’s not available, then a pair of quality headphones will do you a great service. 

Regular Cleaning Routine

When it comes to regular cleaning, most of us know the drill. However, regular cleaning can either get daunting or fail to deliver the desired cleanliness without a clear checklist in front of you. You might get carried away with cleaning and lose track of time, only to find that you’ve spent all your time cleaning only one room. On the other hand, you may miss a few important items when you’re in a rush. Small details like that hair can clog the drain or the moldy spot in your bathroom can cause big trouble in the long run. The best way around this is to create a checklist for your kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, and storage to not miss anything. 

Maintain Cleanliness

The best way to ensure your house remains clean is by setting some ground rules for all the inhabitants – and, yes, that includes yourself. Make it a rule to wash it as soon as you use it; it won’t take you minutes to wash the cooking utensils you’ve used, but leaving them to accumulate over time will need a whole day. Spray the toilets and wipe the floor every time you wash up or use it. Put everything in its designated place after using it. These simple rules won’t take you much effort but will alleviate your cleaning burden significantly.

Do you enjoy cleaning? If you’re like most people, then it’s one daunting task you’re always dreading. Meanwhile, there’s no reason to leave the house until it reaches that terrifying state. By getting a little bit more organized and dividing your chores into small tasks, you’ll be able to maintain order and cleanliness over your fortress.