How to Prepare for a New Baby


If you’re expecting a baby in the near future, then you might be experiencing a little bit of trepidation – especially if this is your first baby. There are a number of steps you might take to make the first few weeks and months that much more tolerable. Many of them involve having a little bit of fun to take your mind off all of the sleepless nights and stress!

Buying Supplies

Baby clothes are an essential purchase, and something that can be purchased ahead of time, since all babies are proportionally similar! Having a stockpile of baby clothes ready to go will mean that you aren’t stressing about finding something to wear, and that you’re prepared for emergencies. Mothers should expect to find it difficult to fit into what they used to wear after they’ve given birth, so treating yourself to a few comfortable clothes can help to ease those wardrobe worries in the early stages.

The same principle applies to other essentials, like prams, cots, and toys. When it comes to toys, look for hand-me-downs rather than going for something expensive and polluting that you’ll only use for a few months.

Milk Storage

If you’re going to be storing breast milk, then you’ll need to make sure you can do so in a way that’s sanitary. That means investing in a bottle or two for milk storage. Make sure that you’re also acquainted with the basics of how to freeze and safely thaw it – that way, you’ll have peace of mind later on.

New Bras

Mothers can expect their breasts to grow after they’ve had the baby, which means they’ll struggle to fit into their existing bras. Investing in nursing bras ahead of time will help to avoid this particular hassle.

Baby Shower

Having a social gathering with all of mum’s friends will help to provide a social event to look forward to, which can be invaluable in staving off those feelings of isolation and post-natal depression. The same applies to ‘gender reveal’ parties, which fulfil the same function. You can pick up the essentials for either a baby shower or a gender reveal online. Make an occasion of it!

Incidentally, if you do find yourself among the 10% who suffer from post-natal depression, it’s worth seeking out help early on – it can last for awhile, so getting support can make things that much more bearable.

Organise a Photoshoot

While it might seem that just about everything that happens in life is now photographed and uploaded to your social network of choice, this is one of those occasions where you really do want to take as many pictures as possible. You’ll be glad you did when you have them to look back on later on.